The Power rankings are out, just a little bit late. There has been some shuffling of the top 4 teams. It's hard to pick a #1 team when all 4 look so good.

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1. Saints 5-0 The Saints beat the Giants with ease, they really dominated them. The Saints exposed a major flaw in the Giants Defense.
2. Colts 5-0 The Colts had a bye last week, but they probably would have won. I just have that much confidence in Manning.
2. Broncos 6-0 Wow, I never would have though the Broncos would be 5-0 at the start of the season. They are really impressive.
4. Vikings
6-0 Brad Childress looks like a Genius since Brett Favre is playing so well. It is hard to make fun of him anymore?
5. Falcons 4-1 Falcons are playing some good football right now. The Tony Gonzalez trade just keeps paying dividends every week.
6. Giants 5-1 Giants got SMOKED by the Saints! What the hell happened to their Defense? Looking back, They did only beat the Skin's by 6 points?
7. Patriots
4-2 This would have been the game of the week a year ago. Is allowing -7 passing yards a record? Because it should be.
8. Ravens
3-3 The Ravens did a great job vs the Vikings, & it really could have went either way. Ray Rice is a monster, feed him the ball
9. Bengals
4-2 The Bengals had a tough week, and played a close game vs the Texans. Hopefully they will bounce back this week
10. Steelers 4-2 The Steelers beat the Browns for the 12th time in a row. Is that saying something about the dominance of the Steelers or is it really just a bad Browns team. Ora little of both.
11. Eagles 3-2 The Eagles lost to the Raiders? How can they let things like this happen?! It's the God Damn Raiders!
12. Packers 3-2 The Packers rolled over the Lions in nice victory. They are slowly but surely eying that wild card spot for the NFC.
13. Jets
3-3 Jenkins is out for the year, which is a huge blow for their D. I think the Jets won't be the same team anymore.
14. 49ers 3-2 The 49ers had a bye last week, and they will be introducing Micheal Crabtree to the starting lineup this week. Let's see if he was really worth the wait.
15. Cardinals
Arizona's offense seems to be back in rhythm. They have a tough match against the Giants this week.
16. Bears
3-2 The Bears lost a tough one to the Falcons. Forte had some bad fumbalitus issues at the goal line that cost them a tie.
17. Dolphins 2-3 The Dolphins were on by last week, but I have to say I am really impressed with their execution of the Wildcat.
18. Texans 3-3 They beat the Bengals at home which is a really good win for them. They could still compete for a wild card spot.
19. Chargers 2-3 The Chargers really need to get rid of Norv Turner, he is bringing this team down by being a horrible coach. They have so much talent, and he doesn't know how to use it.
20. Cowboys
3-2 The Cowboys had a well need bye last week. They really needed to figure out how to not be an 8-8 team.
21. Panthers 2-3 The Panthers finally got their run game going. They can be a tough team to stop when Williams and Stewart are rolling.
22. Seahawks 2-4 The Seahawks got trounced by the Cardinals. I really thought the Seahawks were back after their win against the Jaguars.
23. Jaguars 3-3 How good are the Jags? They have some close wins, but they have a really ugly loss to Seattle.
24. Bills
2-4 With TO, Lee Evans, Fred Jackson, and Marshawn Lynch you would think Buffalo would have some sort of offense
25. Raiders 2-4 I am not really sure how they beat the Eagles but they did. I have to give them a little credit. But Russell still sucks.
26. Chiefs 1-5 The Chiefs won against the terrible Redskins. Maybe this will give them some confidence to make a run at 2nd in the div.
27. Redskins 2-4 I had a friend go to the Redskins game, the game was tied in the 3rd quarter, and he left. It was that bad to watch.
28. Browns
1-5 The Browns are improving a little bit every week, and for some reason they aren't the worst team in the league anymore.
29. Lions 1-5 The Lions are dealing with a lot of injuries they need this bye week to heal up a little. They would have lost if they played.
30. Bucs 0-6 I like Josh Johnson, he has great play-making ability. Too bad Josh Freeman is there for next year, or later this year.
31. Rams
0-6 The Rams stayed in the game with the Jags. Although, I am not really sure how good the volatile Jags are.
32. Titans
0-6 What the hell happened the the Titans? -7 passing yards? That is an automatic worst team in the league. Horrible.

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