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1. Colts 4-0 Colts vs Giants in the Super Bowl is a good possibility. Manning is amazing, no matter who he throws it to.
2. Giants 4-0 Eli is looking solid, but got beat up a little bit. He might be out against Oakland this week. The Giants aren't worried.
3. Saints 4-0 The Saints took Mark Sanchez to the woodshed and kicked the crap out of him. The Saints are on their way to greatness.
4. Vikings
4-0 Favre tore up the Packers Defense and Jared Allen tore up Aaron Rodgers. The Vikings are good. Super Bowl Good.
5. Patriots 3-1 The Patriots seem like they are back on track to being the dominate team in the AFC. The Hoody showdown is this week.
6. Ravens 3-1 The Ravens are blaming the Refs for the loss. I blame the Patriots, because they cheat, not sure how, but they do.
7. Jets
3-1 Sanchez was exposed this week. But i did have a Shonn Greene sighting. Watch out Thomas Jones.
8. Broncos
4-0 The Broncos had a great week they beat the Cowboys and Marshall and McDaniels hugged it out.
9. 49ers
3-1 49ers ran over the Rams, which isn't really saying much. The 49ers are for real, sorry for doubting you earlier this year.
10. Eagles 2-1 The Eagles had a bye this week. McNabb should play this week, so things should be back to normal for them.
11. Bengals 3-1 The Bengals had a close one this week against the Browns in OT. Are they for real or are they just the Bengals?
12. Bears 3-1 Cutler beat up on the Lions this week. He is still really lacking a top receiver to throw to. Step it up Johnny Knox. Step it up.
13. Steelers 2-2 The Steelers had a good win against the Chargers. They have a bye this week against the Detroit Lions.
14. Falcons 2-1 The Falcons had a bye this week. They should be in a physical battle this week against San Francisco.
15. Chargers
Tomlinson had 5 carries for 15 yards. The Chargers can't run the ball, what the hell happened? 15 Yards!
16. Packers 2-2 Aaron Rodgers got ROCKED in this game. Their offensive line is in shambles. They have some major protection issues.
17. Jaguars 2-2 The Jaguars rolled over the Titans and are looking like strong competitors at this point. Jacksonville is probably not buzzing, but maybe they will pay attention now.
18. Texans 2-2 Houston beat Oakland, and shut down Russell. That is really not a very good accomplishment.
19. Cowboys 2-2 Kyle Orton is more of an elite QB than Romo. The Cowboys are wishing they would have kept T.O. right about now.
20. Cardinals 1-2 Hopefully the Cardinals figured out their kinks during the bye week. I don't want to start hearing about Matt Leinart.
21. Dolphins 1-3 The Dolphins ran for 250 yards last week against the Bills. They won't have the luxury of doing that against the Jets.
22. Bills 1-3 The Bills are 0-8 vs. AFC East teams since 2008. Their last win against a team in their division was week 14 in 2007.
23. Seahawks 1-3 If only Matt Hasselback was here, things could have been totally different. Now their season is an uphill battle.
24. Titans 0-4 I don't know what to think of the Titans, they have so much talent, but they can't get it done. Vince Young anyone?
25. Panthers 0-3 They didn't play this week, but I have this weird feeling that Delhomme threw an interception anyway.
26. Lions
1-3 If Matthew Stafford is out for an extended period this will turn into an even longer season for the Lions
27. Redskins 2-2 They are most likely the worst 2-2 team in the history of the league. Clinton Portis looks like he's 73
28. Raiders 1-3 I spent 120 bucks on a BBQ Grill that didn't work, I was upset. Can't imagine how Oak must feel about Russell via MoveTheSticks
29. Chiefs 0-4 Arrowhead used to be a place people feared going to, the Chiefs have now lost 10 straight there
30. Bucs 0-4 Josh Johnson actually played fairly well, but if you look at their schedule they could be looking at 0-16
31. Browns
0-4 The Browns are god awful but still play the Lions, Chiefs and Raiders. They showed some improvement vs the Bengals.
32. Rams
0-4 The Rams are horrible, not really sure when they are going to win a game. Rumors of Rams to LA are starting up.

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