Lebron James Trades Braylon Edwards

It was reported that Braylon Edwards got into a confrontation with one of LeBron James' friends outside a nightclub on Monday night. Because of this, LeBron has traded Braylon Edwards to the New York Jets.

"You don't mess with my friends." LeBron was quoted as saying.

This is completely hypothetical, but what are the chances that Lebron James forced the Cleveland Browns to trade Braylon Edwards? Edwards allegedly assaulted one of Lebron's friends on Monday Night, and no one messes with LeBron's friends.

Lebron means everything to Cleveland, he is their only chance of getting any sort of championship anytime soon. Without LeBron Cleveland sports will die. But does LeBron have that sort of pull? Of course he does, he took video tapes away from innocent bystanders to hide that he was dunked on.

Keeping LeBron happy is a high priority since he can opt out of his contract next summer. Without LeBron Cleveland is screwed.

The Edwards Trade makes James Dolan mad (New York Knick's owner) since LeBron won't go to the same city as Braylon Edwards. Cleveland fan's might be able to sleep a little easier tonight knowing that LeBron doesn't want to be in the same city as Braylon Edwards.