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Iowa Hawkeyes are Underrated

Why does everyone hate on Iowa? They are a good team, they find ways to win, they just don't do it very pretty. They have found a way to win all of their games, and they have had some tough games in there. They arguably have the toughest road in the Big 10, and have had good non-conference opponents. The Big 10 is not a joke conference, they have a great set of teams this year, and the top teams have been very competitive with non conference teams.

Iowa is known to be a slow starting team, and they really have not played their best football yet. Their offense hasn't played great for four quarters, but they will get things on track eventually. They are 7-0 as a 2nd half team. Just imagine how they will be playing when they are at their best.

Iowa's defense is dominate, and they play with hard-work and determination. They are gutty, they get the job done, and they capitalize on other team's mistakes. Norm Parker is a genius, and is one of the best, if not the best defensive coordinator in all of college football. Defense wins Championships.

Iowa doesn't get the top recruits in the nation, they don't get 4 stars and 5 star recruits. They mostly get 3 star recruits. No one wants to live in Iowa! It's too damn cold in the winter and too hot in the summer! Coach Ferentz is one of the best at what he does, he makes good players great. He finds potential in players and gets the best out of them. Just imagine what he could do if he had the recruiting class of USC or Florida, Iowa would be the best team in the nation. Oh wait, they are one of the best teams in the Nation, with 3 star recruits.

Iowa is the ONLY team in the BCS to beat 3 BCS ranked teams.

Northern Iowa - One of the top teams in the FCS.
Iowa State - Decent Big 12 team this year, likely bowling.
Arizona - #22 in BCS
Penn State - #13 in BCS
Arkansas State - The water boy (Bobby Boucher) might have been playing in that game. But Iowa wasn't losing to them, watch the games don't just look at the scores.
Michigan - Solid team this year, definitely bowling
Wisconsin - #21 in BCS

Everyone says that USC is so much better than Iowa, but how?

Most of their top wins were not dominate, they have been close, they have been nail bitters. Plus they have a loss.

San Jose State - Cupcake
Ohio State
- Close game
- Loss
Washington State -
Cal -
Won the game by a good margin - also not sure how good Cal is.
Notre Dame
- Close game - Might not be considered a good win by the end of the year

USC has only beaten one team in the BCS rankings, which is Ohio State, which was a close game. Everyone says USC is so dominant, but they aren't, they have to fight for every win this year, they aren't the same USC team as years past. So how can people say USC is so much better than Iowa? They are both in pretty similar circumstances, except Iowa has more wins.

Iowa may not win pretty, but the win. And that's what should count. The best way to describe Iowa is like a 1980s Caprice Classic with 300,000 miles, it's not pretty but when you need it to get the job done it just works.Take the preconceived bias out of the rankings. The computer rankings are the purest form of rankings. Which show Iowa at #1 - #4. Right where they should be. So give Iowa some love, they deserve to be ranked among the top teams.