Favre-ageddon is approaching, but what is this game really about?

Favre vs Rodgers

Favre was pissed when Ted Thompson drafted Aaron Rodgers back in 2005. He hated the fact that he was slowly being replaced. He wanted to compete against Rodgers for the starting job, but Thompson wouldn't let him. Favre can compete against him now. Favre wants to prove that he is better than Rodgers, and Rodgers wants to prove he can replace Favre.

Favre sticking it to Ted Thompson

Favre said from day one, if you won't let me compete on the Packers, release me so I can compete against you. Ted Thompson didn't want any of that and shipped him off to the Jets. Ted Thompson thought he got rid of Favre last season. And I am sure he was stressing over whether Favre was going to join the Vikings this off-season. So if Favre goes crazy vs the Packers, and Rodgers flutters, who looks like a dumb ass? Ted Thompson. He pretty much put his job on the line for Rodgers, and said F you Favre. Rodgers is in no way a failure. But Favre was Green Bay, and Thompson helped take that away.

Favre vs Packers

This will be the first time that Brett Favre plays in a game with the Packers, but isn't a Packer. It is really weird, and makes you feel funny inside. It just doesn't seem right. I watched Favre last week, and it's hard to see him in a Vikings uniform. No one knows the Packers better than Brett Favre, and no one knows Brett Favre better than the Packers. It should be an interesting battle.

Favre against the Packer Fans

Most Packers Fan's thought this day would never come. They used to dream of Brett Favre at night doing the LambeauLeap into their arms. Now all they can see is purple. Nightmares of Favre running down the field in a purple jersey waving his arms in the air. Did Brett Favre betray the Packers fans? Probably a little, but he has nothing against them. They have made him who he is today, and I am sure he appreciates that. The hate for Favre will go on, but eventually it will fade, and Favre love will come back to Green Bay. When he retires. Again.

Anyway you look at it. It's all Brett Favre. This will be the highest rated game on Monday Night Football ever, Guaranteed. The only thing MNF is missing is John Madden drooling over Brett Favre and saying his name every two seconds. Maybe he can be a special guest. I am sure John Madden is cooking up a special Turducken in honor of Favre on Monday.