Better late than Never
Better late than Never

Micheal Crabtree has agreed to sign with the San Francisco 49ers according to ESPN.

Crabtree will get a six-year deal that he can void to five years if he meets certain performance clauses. The deal that they offered him before was approximently 5 years $20 million contract with $16M guaranteed. I have no idea what this deal is, but it is probably a little higher.

Crabtree was the 10th selection overall and he was holding out because he was projected to go higher, so he thought he should get paid more. He is an idiot and he should have been in camp the entire time. The 49ers might be 4-0 if Crabtree signed his damn contract earlier.

I am sure the extra Million or so he got for holding was totally worth the PR hit and lack of respect from his teammates. Totally worth it? Just Kidding.

At least he didn't hold out for next years draft, that would have been the dumbest thing ever.

Singletary is going to kick the shit out of him in practice, it should be interesting.