Chad Ochocinco Experience


Chad Ochocinco and his teammate Jordan Palmer have created an iPhone app where you can get your Ochocinco on the go. Rock Software, Inc was formed by Jordan Palmer and his brother Carson Palmer with two childhood friends. They are also working on releasing a T.O. app as well.

"It's going to parallel what Chad does on the field," Jordan Palmer said. "The app is a glimpse into his life. It's got a little bit of everything."

Unofficial quote from backup quarterback Jordan Palmer "I am not going to be playing quarterback anytime soon, I might as well make iPhone apps."

The Chad Ochocinco experience is $4.99 on iTunes. Or you could probably just follow Ochocinco on twitter, and get the majority of it for free.

Chad has over 300k followers on twitter, lets figure half of them have an iPhone. Of those half, maybe half of them buy it. So you are looking at about 75k potential buyers, if that. Probably less. So between the 4 guys, chad, and apple, each of them get about 75 cents a pop. And Chad Johnson gets more jersey sales, maybe. It is nice marketing for Rock software, and could possibly get them more clients.

"Thanks for all the nice tweets about my iPhone app," Ochocinco tweeted back. "If u r at the stadium with an 85 on, my photographer will find u & take a pic for the app!"

So in order to get your picture taken you need to have a 75 dollar jersey. Cross marketing perhaps.

I see it as a ripoff, I would just follow him on twitter, where you will get pretty much the same experience.