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1. Steelers
1-0 They pulled through against a tough team, you have to give them some credit.
2. Ravens 1-0 Flacco looked good going down the field, can they do the same against the Chargers? Yes.
3. Saints 1-0 Brees is insane, even if it was the Lions. They have a crazy offense, and their defense looks better
4. Patriots 1-0 They almost lost to the Buffallo Bills, that's really not a good sign. Charlie Weis might need a job soon.
5. Chargers
1-0 LT didn't look the best, Norv Turner is a horrible coach, and they barely beat the Raiders.
6. Vikings
1-0 Peterson went crazy, and Favre didn't lose the game for the Vikings. Childress looks like a genius for once.
7. Eagles 1-0 McNabb's cracked ribs is bad news for a team that looked good week 1. Garcia to the rescue?
8. Giants 1-0 Eli has no elite WRs, no problem. Giants looked better than I expected, but can they keep it up?
9. Packers 1-0 The packers had a tough time against the Bears for the most part. But Rodgers came through, expect to see more of that.
10. Colts
1-0 The Jags always play the Colts close, but I don't think the Colts D was that good, just the Jags offense sucked.
11. Falcons 1-0 Overall I liked the Falcons play, I think their run game will go down a little this year because of competition.
12. Titans
0-1 Close game, it could have gone either way. Titans are a force to be reckoned with this year.
13. 49ers 1-0 The 49ers outplayed the Cardinals, the Cardinals looked horrible with old man Warner.
14. Jets 1-0 I was really impressed by Sanchez in his first NFL game. If he keeps it up the Jets could be a contender.
15. Seahawks
1-0 Not sure if the Seahawks are really that good or if the Rams are really that bad, maybe a combination of both.
16. Cowboys 1-0 They Cowboys looked pretty good against the Bucs, but then again it was the Bucs, the real test will be this week.
17. Broncos 1-0 Surprised me here, I thought the Bengals were going to roll. Lucky catch, it should only be half a win.
18. Cardinals 0-1 Warner looks like an old man playing shuffle board at the retirement home. He needs to step it up this week.
19. Dolphins 0-1 Pennington struggled and they are talking about replacing him with Henne. A few more losses and they might.
20. Bears 0-1 Cutler looked horrible, they need to check his meds. Losing Urlacher is going to hurt them all season.
21. Jaguars 0-1 Jaguars kept it close, but they still need to do some work on the offense. I don't think the Colts Defense is that great.
22. Texans 0-1 What happened? Does Walter mean that much to your offense? Figure it out Texans, figure it out.
23. Panthers 0-1 Delhomme still can't shake off his tragic loss in the playoffs to the Cardinals. They need help at QB fast.
24. Bills
0-1 I think the Bills prepped for the Patriots the first four weeks of preseason. Good Job on the almost upset.
25. Raiders 0-1 The Raiders almost beat the Chargers, which is a pretty good task. Russell needs a lot of work.
26. Chiefs 0-1 They played the Ravens pretty close, it will be interesting to see how Cassel does once he is healthy.
27. Redskins 0-1 Jason Campbell is not very good, and their coach isn't very good either. Not a good combination.
28. Bengals
0-1 Not really sure what to think of the Bengals, I had high hopes and they lost to the Broncos. Step it up Palmer.
29. Browns 0-1 I don't really think hiding the identity gave the browns any sort of advantage. It probably hurt their team in the end.
30. Bucs 0-1 Leftwich has some sort of 10 yard throwing motion, I don't quite understand it. Bucs aren't very good.
31. Rams 0-1 The Rams are very close to #32 but the Lions need to win a game first in order for that to happen.
32. Lions 0-1 The Lions best bet for chance to win would be to prepare two weeks for the Redskins in week 3.

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