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1. Patriots 0-0 Tom Brady is back. Enough Said. Plus they cheat, so that makes them the #1 ranked team.
2. Ravens 0-0 Ravens are a scary team this year. They just need to trade for Marshall and they will be crazy good.
3. Steelers 0-0 I guess they won a super bowl or something. But I am skeptical that they can repeat this year.
4. Chargers 0-0 A healthy LT and a healthy Gates = One Kick Ass Offense. Their only crutch is Norv Turner.
5. Cardinals 0-0 Almost won the Super Bowl, if only they could play defense. Consistently. Beanie should improve the run.
6. Eagles 0-0 Eagles should have an explosive offense this year, and it will be interesting to see how they use Vick.
7. Saints 0-0 Crazy offense, they should be near the top this year, I guess this is my saying that they will be good.
8. Colts 0-0 Colts are in one of the hardest divisions and have a hard road ahead of them. Healthy Manning should help.
9. Vikings 0-0 Adrian Peterson is a beast and the Vikings are going to go crazy with a decent QB. Skol Vikings!
10. Falcons 0-0 With the addition of Gonzo the Falcons should have a great offensive attack. Tough Division to play in.
11. Titans 0-0 Titans will run like crazy, they are still missing an elite receiver. Can Haynesworth be replaced?
12. Packers 0-0 Aaron Rodgers has established himself in Green Bay, and he should improve upon last year.
13. Dolphins 0-0 Can the Fin's duplicate last year's success? Maybe. As long as Pennington can keep making smart decisions.
14. Bears 0-0 Cutler is a great improvement over Orton. But he still has no one to throw it to. Maybe a WR will step up.
15. Giants 0-0 Plaxico is gone, Toomer is gone, Ward is gone. That leaves who to throw to? Yeah, not looking that great.
16. Jaguars 0-0 Jags have MJD running the show now. But can he handle the load by himself?
17. Texans 0-0 The Texans have all the offensive tools they need to succeed. All they need to do is stay healthy.
18. Panthers 0-0 It will be interesting to see how the team recovers from the meltdown in the playoffs.
19. Cowboys 0-0 No T.O. = no more problems, except now they have no WRs. At least they have a huge TV.
20. Seahawks
0-0 Hassellbeck is back, and their entire team isn't on the IR yet. They should have some success this season.
21. Bengals 0-0 With Carson Palmer healthy this team can get rolling. Ochocinco looks good, and Chris Henry could be a beast.
22. 49ers
0-0 Singletary had some success last season, so there is some hope. Maybe Crabtree will sign sometime, maybe not.
23. Redskins 0-0 They improved their defense, that could keep them in games, but their passing game needs a lot of work.
24. Raiders
0-0 If Russell runs the double Wing T that this offense could do great things. They will be up and down all season.
25. Chiefs 0-0 I had high hopes for the Chiefs, but now it looks like Cassel is struggling. They need some work, but there is hope.
26. Jets 0-0 Sanchez is going to struggle early and often. Outlook doesn't look great for the Jets
27. Browns 0-0 Whos the QB in Cleveland? No one knows. They will have it tough this year, well there's always next year.
28. Bills 0-0 No O Coordinator? No Problem, right? Just throw bombs to T.O? Or maybe they have problems?
29. Broncos 0-0 Marshall wants to be traded and hates practicing, but at least McDaniels has Kyle Orton running the show?
30. Bucs 0-0 Not a big fan of crappy QBs, new head coaches, and old defenses. Bucs have a long road ahead of them.
31. Rams 0-0 The Rams only stud is Steven Jackson, and he can not carry this team on his back. Or can he?.
32. Lions 0-0 They don't get out of the 32 spot until they win a game in the regular season. They should win at least one?

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