Iowa's defense is crazy, they are going to dominate most teams. Their offense needs a lot of work if they are going to compete for the Big 10 Championship. Here are a few things that I saw:

1. Ricky Stanzi stares down his receivers, and only throws to the first read. I never see him read progressions, he needs to stop gawking at his receivers before he throws. He has some work to do, but he has a lot of upside and potential. Great job on the TD run, he saw the hole and kept the ball.

2. Iowa is still a power running team without Shonn Greene. Wegher and Robinson are a nice combination, and it is hard to tell which RB I like more. Iowa just needs to pound the ball a little more, and the offense will start rolling. Iowa is set at RB for years to come with these two freshman backs.

3. Can punters be in the Heisman race? Iowa's punter Ryan Donahue had a terrific outing vs Penn State. He has tremendous accuracy and great power in his punts. I can see him punting at the next level.

4. Iowa's new ranking is 13, which is behind Ohio State, and in front of Penn State. Personally I would have liked to see Iowa in the top ten ahead of Ohio State, but I can live with 13th. Iowa will go up when they beat every team that they face.

Overall I am pleased with the Hawkeyes production so far, and I think that they will improve as the season goes on. The defense doesn't really need to improve, but the offense has a little work to do. My advice is just run it, maybe it will help calm Stanzi down, and open the passing game a little. Iowa has two capable backs with a ton of potential and I think they just need to utilize them more than the pass..