According to NFL rules if 49ers rookie Michael Crabtree decides to sit out this season he would not be able to work out for teams prior to the 2010 draft. The 49ers will retain his rights until draft day, so he will not be able to participate in any pre-draft activities.

Look Crabtree, you will drop to the 2nd round and get $5 Million with $2 Million guaranteed. Weird, you just lost $15-20 million because you have your cousin as an advisor. How stupid can you be? Sign your freaking contract, be the 5th WR all year, and cash your checks.Singletary doesn't care if you are not on the team, he will coach without you.The only thing you are doing are hurting yourself. You are losing the opportunity to play every day you don't sign. Stop being a dumb ass and sign the contract they are giving you. You are ruining you career by sitting out. You will not be able to work out for a team, they have no film on you except from Texas Tech. You have a horrible attitude and character issues. Not looking good if you reenter the draft. Figure it out. Sign your damn contract.

Crabtree is just afraid of Singletary. By not signing he is probably on Singletary's bad side. I really don't think you want to be on Singletary's bad side. He will tackle you, yell at you, and probably make you run "The Hill" while you carry him on your back.