We are still looking for people to join the league, so it is not too late! Email us, leave a comment with your email (it won't be published, it's just so we can contact you), or tweet us. We have some responses, but we would love to see more, we would like to get all the spots set by the end of this week or so, and we would like to set the draft up for about 3 weeks from now. We are hoping to get together a 16 team - "Fan's League" . We want people who are devoted, and want to win, because everyone hates teams that quit early. Plus its free, you have nothing to lose except your pride and dignity when you get beat. Send us your Team name and info, and get a spot in the league. Contact us now!

We will be writing an article or so a week about how everyones doing, what idiotic moves everyone has made, and maybe a preview of the matches. Hopefully it will be fun, please let us know if you are interested!