The Brett Favre Watch is out, and rumors are starting up again. Jay Glazer of has sparked new rumors of Brett Favre heading to the Minnesota Vikings. Jay Glazer said that he is "positively convinced" after visiting Minnesota that Favre will be joining the Vikings this season. An unnamed player from the Vikings said that it could be as soon as the third preseason game. NOTE: This is just a hunch by Glazer, aka guess, it is no way a done deal or written in stone.

Personally, I am pretty sick and tired of hearing about it. I just wish he could have made the decision and stayed with it. As a Viking fan, I would be fine if he came, he gives us a little better chance to win. But I could really care less if he doesn't come. Just freaking figure it out and commit to something. Favre talk ruins the moral of the team, and if Childress keeps switching QBs in and out that isn't going to help. If Favre comes to the Vikes I am sure he won't be welcomed with open arms by everyone on the team.

I can see Favre coming to the Vikings for the 3rd or 4th game of the preseason, and taking over the job from there. Favre didn't join the Jets until a few weeks into the preseason. His first game as Jet was the third the 3rd preseason game. Coincidence? I think not. Brett couldn't figure out if he wanted to be traded, or to who. He was stalling because he hates training camp, and he hates preseason.

I stumbled across this flight tracking site in an article I read when the rumors of Favre first started earlier this year. The site tracks all departures from Hattiesburg,MS; so if you see a flight to Minneapolis, it is Brett Favre. Flights aren't normally scheduled to Minneapolis from Hattiesburg. Track Away.

Brett Favre Flight Tracker

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