David Garrard - For a player who 'sucked' last year he sure put up pretty good stats, definitely worthy of a #1 QB status. He's currently being drafted 19th among Quarterbacks and 124th overall, worthy of a 10th round pick. Stock up on WRs and RBs early and snag him in the 8th or 9th round and not have to worry about your QB all year
Matt Hasselbeck - He had an off year last year because of injuries, before that he was a consistent 3300 yard 22 TD player, worthy of #1 QB status, expect him to have a bounce back year, especially with TJ Houshmandzadeh added to the receiving corps and not much of a running game, although the addition of Edgerrin James does help
Shaun Hill - Hill was named the starter by coach Mike Singletary and will put up great numbers, especially for someone who is currently going undrafted in nearly all leagues. Take him before you pick up your kicker and defense as your 2nd QB, but don't be surprised if you're starting him by week 6


Jay Cutler - Cutler is currently being drafted as the 11th overall QB, just in the lower tier of 1st starters for a 12 team league, you won't find him on any of my teams though. The Bears receiving core is nowhere near as good as Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal and the defense behind him sin't one of the worst in the league like it was Denver.
Matt Cassel - Drafters who are taking Cassel as the 12th overall QB must be think it's still 2008. Cassel's receivers aren't terrible with Dwayne Bowe, Bobby Engram and Mark Bradley but they certainly aren't as good as Randy Moss and Wes Welker. He might make a decent bye week fill in but he's not worthy of being started every week.
Tony Romo - Most people think the loss of Terrell Owens will lead to break out seasons by Romo and Roy E Williams. The truth is without Owens and his presence on the field defenses will tee off on the under achieving Dallas WRs and force Romo into a lot of bad throws.