Michael Vick was reinstated in the NFL. Where will he end up? Here is a list of possible suitors and why they might want him.

Oakland Raiders

The Raiders are well, one of the worst teams in the league. They have an inexperienced young QB in Russell, and a fiery vet who wants to take his job in Garcia. They could use a QB, and Vick fits the bad ass persona of the Raiders since he has a criminal background. Plus Al Davis loves speed. And well Vick is fast.

San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers like winners. And well, Michael Vick has won more than Shaun Hill and Alex Smith combined. So that should count for something. But they are in desperate need of a QB with experience, they haven't been competitive in forever. So it is worth a shot.

Buffalo Bills

The Bills are experimenting with Terrel Owens, why not Vick? They could probably add it into the T.O. Show somehow. It might just be able to get the Bills interesting enough to keep them in Buffalo. Or it could be side show enough to send them to LA.

Denver Broncos

Josh McDaniels has traded away the most important player on the team. And he has Orton to show for it. Chances are they could use Michael Vick's talents on a regular basis. He could bring Vick in and maybe use him to save his career. Or ruin it. One of the two.

Minnesota Vikings

What happens if Brett Favre decides not to sign with the Minnesota Vikings? They would try to sign Michael Vick. Childress has pretty much been banking on Favre to play for about 2 years now, and if he doesn't play he is screwed. Fan's will be pissed off, players will be frustrated. The next thing he would do to try to save his job is to test out Vick to get people excited. Then could run a triple option sweep with Vick, Harvin, and Peterson.

Dallas Cowboys

Jerry Jones will do anything to sell tickets, jerseys, and memorabilia.

Cleveland Browns

They already have the dog pound. Maybe it will haunt him into being better.