The MinneapolisStar Tribune is reporting that Brett Favre is to stay retired. Brad Childress said he talked to Brett Favre and that he was informed that Favre is staying retired. Childress cited the daily grind both mentally and physically as part of the reason why Favre remained retired.

“I just think it was a rare opportunity to explore a Hall of Fame quarterback who had background in the NFC and in this division,” Childress said. “He knows our system inside out … This doesn't change anything about how I feel about our football team.”

This is a huge blow to the Vikings QB position and a HUGE blow to Childress as a coach. He has been banking on Brett Favre coming to the Vikings since he retired from the Green Bay Packers, well re-retired, then un-retired, then retired again. Anyway. It will now be a QB battle between Sage Rosenfels and Tarvaris Jackson. Maybe Childress will try to save his job by throwing in Michael Vick.

The Vikings season is not lost, they still have all the parts in place. Except for a solid QB. It will be interesting what unfolds in training camp and the upcoming Preseason. I think that T-Jax will come out on top, he has always been pretty good as a starter if Childress lets him play. Who knows if Favre would have been the answer for the Vikings anyway. They can still be great with a different QB.

But the Brett Favre Saga is over. For now?

So Long... For Now....
So Long... For Now....