Jason Campbell will request to be traded should the Redskins acquire a quarterback in this weekend's draft. The Redskins, especially Daniel Snyder have been smitten with Mark Sanchez. The 'skins have the 13th overall pick in this weekend's draft, however, it is likely Sanchez could be selected in the top five — long before the Redskins are scheduled to pick.

The Redskins likely would have to trade up to take Sanchez. If they were to land Sanchez, it would mark the second time they have made an attempt to acquire a quarterback in the past few weeks. Washington reportedly made trade overtures toward Denver for Jay Cutler before he was dealt to Chicago.

Can anyone blame Jason Campbell? Just a few weeks ago the Redskins were shopping Campbell trying to acquire Jay Cutler. Campbell took the mature approach and shrugged off the trade talk but if the Reskins really do trade up to draft Sanchez I agree with Jason 100%. He has a very good first half last year and a pretty mediocre second half, but who on the Redskins had a good second half? No one. Clinton Portis and Santana Moss were hurt most of the second half and the Redskins got absolutely zero help from any of their 2008 draft picks.

If the Redskins do in fact draft Sanchez in the 2009 draft I wouldn't be surprised to see the Vikings, Jets, and Bucaneers in the mix to pick him up.