Adam Dunn hits 45 HRs but hasno more than 90 RBIs
The New York Yankees finish 3rd in the division and barely beat out the Orioles for it
The Twins and Royals finish 1st and 2nd in the AL Central
The Cubs finish 2nd in the NL Central even after a midseason trade for Jake Peavy
Josh Hamilton will have a better year than last year
Zach Greinke finishes second in Cy Young voting (or wins it)
Rick Ankiel hits 30 HR with 100 RBI
The Phillies miss the playoffs
Carlos Zambrano finishes with an ERA of at least 4.00
Billy Butler hits .300
Wandy Rodriguez wins at least 12 games
Jay Bruce plays less than 140 games in the majors
Adam Wainwright and Chris Carpenter make 60 starts between them
Yovani Gallardo is a top 10 fantasy pitcher
Hanley Ramirez hits below .285 and moves to 3B
The Atlanta Braves trade for Nate McLouth
Erik Bedard and Felix Hernandez both finish as top 15 fantasy pitchers
Matt Holliday steals 35 bases
Brian Fuentes blows one save or less
Miguel Cabrera goes .310/40/125
Grady Sizemore finish .290/35/100 and with 40 stolen bases
Scott Baker finishes as a higher rated fantasy pitcher than Francisco Liriano
Roy Halladay wins 30% of his teams games
Nick Markakis goes .310/25/105
Daisuke Matsuzaka finsihs with an ERA above 4.00
John Smoltz plays a vital role in the Red Sox making the playoffs down the stretch
A.J. Burnett makes fewer than 20 starts
Alfonso Soriano plays in less than 120 games
Ryan Braun hits 42 HRs
Jair Jurrjens wins 17 games
Brad Lidge finishes with less than 33 saves
Francisco Rodriguez gets replaced as the Mets closer
The Atlanta Braves beat the Twins in the World Series