Julius Peppers is unhappy in Carolina and says he wouldn't mind going to New England.

The Panthers dismissed reports Monday saying Peppers was close to being dealt to the Patriots. The biggest hold up in a trade with Peppers is that he has not signed his tender with Carolina meaning the Panthers are barred from any trade talks involving Peppers. Peppers' agent is allowed to negotiated with other teams and he can then come to the Panthers with a deal for them to accept or reject.

In February Peppers announced that he would not sign a long-term deal with Carolina and that he would like to play outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense. I don't believe the transition to LB will be as smooth as Peppers and a lot of other people think. He will obviously be great at pass rushing as he has been in his career but I think coverage will be an issue. I think Julius is striving for the spotlight similar to what James Harrison, Joey Porter and DeMarcus Ware have found. I think if he gets traded to a 3-4 team he will not be as good as he has been in Carolinas 4-3 defense.

If the Panthers trade Peppers away they will have huge voids to fill all along the defensive line without a current first round pick to fill a position. Are the Panthers crazy if they do this deal and don't get a first rounder? With the recent signings of Greg Lewis and Joey Galloway when did the Patriots turn into the Yankees? Post your thoughts in the comments section.