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2010 Ryder Cup Teams with Captain Picks

The Ryder Cup teams and Captain picks are in, yes Tiger Woods made the team, here are how the teams came out: Team USA Corey Pavin – Non-playing captain Phil Mickelson – 8th appearance Hunter Mahan – 2nd appearance Bubba Watson – Ryder Cup rookie Jim Furyk 40 – 7th appearance Steve Stricker – 2nd …

Daily Spin: Top Paid American Athletes, NFL Agents are Pimps, Skateboarding Turtle

Daily Spin is pretty late today, sorry about that, better late than never I guess… But don’t forget to check out our Madden 11 giveaway! Top Paid American Athletes… Tiger is still on top, Rookies shouldn’t even be on the list, but they are there because of their giant rookie contracts…  [via SI.com] Shaun Rodgers …

Tiger Woods + Powerade = F You Gatorade

Tiger Woods is no longer a sponsor of Gatorade, so why the hell should he drink it?  Well, chances are he just wants to send a big F You to gatorade for dropping him.  Chances of Tiger becoming a Powerade sponsor in the next year or so?  Pretty damn good.

Tiger Woods 2011 Promo Commercials

I think Tiger found his new swing coach in Mike Ditka. Apparently team golf is the new sliced bread, so you need a good team coach to get things going. Golf And Curling, perfect match right? Tiger needs to come out of the woodwork eventually and start selling some products. I think the team golf …

Tiger Woods Played with Bulging Dick?

Golf Channel announcer screws up and says that Tiger Woods played with a bulging “dicks” instead of bulging discs. Simple Freudian slip right? This is almost as good as the Golf Channel Analyst that was crying during Tiger’s robotic speech.

Tiger Yells at Masters, Again

“God Tiger, Jesus Christ.” Tiger is trying to contain his emotions on the golf course, but he had a few outbursts. Not sure how all religions in the world work, but isn’t Tiger a Buddhist? Not sure if it’s normal to yell out Jesus Christ or not.