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Man Dunks Self Through Hoop at Suns Game

Suns games are a lot of fun, you get more than just the basketball game.  You get that crazy gorilla dancing around plus dunks during timeouts and in between quarters.  This particular dunk stunt got a little too much air.  The man jumped to high, and dunked himself through the basket.

Grant Hill and Reggie Evans ejected for Spanking

Grant Hill and Reggie Evans were ejected from the Suns – Raptors game for slapping each others butts.  I thought slapping each other on the ass was like a hand shake in basketball? Although Grant Hill’s slap seemed to be a little more vicious then the normal “hey, good job”.  The best part of it …

Steve Nash Sent to South Africa in a Box

When Steve Nash signed on with CBS Sports he thought he would get the red carpet treatment on his way to South Africa. Looks like CBS screwed him over (just like they screwed all of us when we wanted to watch our team during NCAA Tournament). No Private Jet, No first Class, No Coach. Just …

Ron Artest Game Winner vs Suns

My hopes rose and were crushed in a matter of seconds. Kobe threw up a prayer and missed, but Ron Artest got the rebound and the game winning shot. Very Disappointing. The game will go back to Phoenix and hopefully the Suns can pull out a victory.

Alvin Gentry Pukes on TV

So this is why the Suns lost last night. Alvin Gentry was suffering from sort of stomach flu because of a deep fried avocado. For some reason that doesn’t sound like a good mix to me. At least the trash can was covering up the puke stream. Enjoy your breakfast everyone.

Steve Nash and Space Ghost vitaminwater Commercial

Steve Nash gets interviewed by Space Ghost on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. Steve Nash is the most ridiculous man in the world, so he is always a great interview. vitaminwater always comes up with the best ways to sell their products.  Where does Nash find the time to make all these commercials?  He seems pretty …

Steve Nash Sets Broken Nose Back into Place

Steve Nash is one tough dude. Nash took a headbutt to the nose from Derek Fisher, broke it, then set it back into place like it was nothing. “I was trying to move it while it was still fresh,” Nash said. “I know that once it sets it’s harder.” Nash practiced earlier today, and then …

Steve Nash’s Eye

Steve Nash played with that messed up eye injury.  That is dedication.  I am proud to be a Sun’s fan.  Even though he does look like an alien.  He is into making videos, my guess is this would be a good episode for MeatHawk.

Martell Webster Flips over Leandro Barbosa

Martell Webster was accidently upended by Leandro Barbosa. Not sure if Webster thought it was done on purpose, but clearly it wasn’t. He hit the floor fairly hard though, so it had to sting a little. Suns are dominating this series, that also hurts Webster just a little.