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NBA All Stars on The Cleveland Show

Cleveland travels to the NBA All-Star game, and guess who is there a bunch of NBA players. The episode features Steve Nash, Shaq, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Dwight Howard, Kevin Garnett, and Dirk Nowitzki. The Best part of the whole show, “See, LeBron really doesn’t hate Cleveland” Overall it was a pretty funny episode, I …

Daily Spin to Get You Through Friday

I thought I would post some links to help get you through Friday, because let’s face it.  You are going to need them.  I haven’t done a daily spin in a while, well, because I have been lazy.  So back by popular demand, your Daily Spin. Super Bowl Prop Bets! For entertainment purposes only, of …

South Park Makes fun of LeBron James

Mysterion Rises Tags: SOUTH PARKEric Cartman,Mysterion,more… South Park spoofs LeBron James with this “What should I do?” BP commercial. South Park is on a role with these sports references. Last week they referenced Brett Favre and his incident with a camera.