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White Men Can Jump!

It turns out white men can jump, well at least Jacob Tucker can.  Tucker is a 5’11” tall senior from Illinois College with a 50 inch running vertical. He is trying to get in the NCAA dunk competition with this video.  Based on these dunks, I declare him the winner. You can vote for his spot in …

Man Dunks Self Through Hoop at Suns Game

Suns games are a lot of fun, you get more than just the basketball game.  You get that crazy gorilla dancing around plus dunks during timeouts and in between quarters.  This particular dunk stunt got a little too much air.  The man jumped to high, and dunked himself through the basket.

Massive Foreign Dunk + Kicked in Balls

I can’t tell you who the teams are, or what language it is, or who it was.  This was in the youtube info Carmatic Pistoia – Bialetti Scafati, so that might mean something? I just know it was a massive dunk, and the defender got kicked in the balls. Little surprised the announcer didn’t say …