2013 NCAA Tournament – A much improved Miami team

If you’ve been paying attention to college basketball this year you know the University of Miami Hurricanes are having a great season They started off the season 8-1 before dropping a game to then #4 Arizona and to an Indiana State team that slowed the game down to a ridiculously slow pace. Since their loss(…)

A Chiefs player and another person have been shot at the Chiefs facility.

Jay Glazer is reporting a player and another person have been shot at the Chiefs facility. He is withholding the players name until his family has been notified. Jeff Rosen of the Kansas City Star tweeted the channel 5 news is reporting a Chiefs player killed his girlfriend and then himself this morning. Reports have(…)

Week 10 NFL Preview – Detroit Lions @ Minnesota Vikings

This week 10 NFL matchup has strong playoff implications for both teams. A loss by the Lions and they’re all but eliminated from playoff contention. ¬†A loss by the Vikings may seal their fate as well. This game is more critical for the Lions as the Vikings can still control their own destiny with 2(…)

Running a sport website

Probably, there’s nothing else in the world which bonds different people over a common interest like sports actually do. When sport fans are there, no matter what kind of sport, they can all feel like a big family, they have a passion and love for sport in common and this is enough for them to(…)

John Clayton has a Ponytail. Kind of…

The Mythical John Clayton Ponytail, has anyone ever seen it? How long is it? How does he hide it so well. All these things are answered in the new “This is Sportcenter – John Clayton” ESPN commercial. OK, so he (probably) doesn’t really have a ponytail. But maybe he does, you never see a side(…)

Bleacher Report shamelessly pulls ‘Vin Scully Must Retire Now” article

Earlier today Bleacher Report¬†published an article title Vin Scully Must Retire Now. I’m not a person who reads Bleacher Report, but it was in the news recently for being acquired for $175 million! Who knew that writing up short two paragraphs articles on the days big news was worth so much money? Back to the(…)

Jerry Jones Rapping

Not really sure what to say about this. I totally see the cross branding, great idea. I can promote the Cowboys, and get paid for doing a Papa Johns Commercial. But a Papa John’s Rap? Really Jerry? Really?! Hopefully we can get a gem like this from SNL about Jerry Jone’s terrible rap.

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