Cincinnati Quietly Starting To Peak At The Right Time

When casual fans or NFL experts talk about the best team in the NFL this season, teams such as Seattle, Denver, New England and New Orleans are the popular picks. However, one team that is quietly peaking at the right time is the Cincinnati Bengals. At 9-4, they have a shot at picking up the(…)

2013-2014 NFL ACL injuries

We’re now up to 53 guys with ACL tears this season as of 12/9/2013. FS Tyrann Mathieu (ARI) TE Adam Nissley (ATL) WR Kevin Elliott (BUF) FB Mike Zordich (CAR) WR Keolah Pilares (CAR) OL Garry Williams (CAR) OL Amini Silatolu (CAR) DT Henry Melton (CHI) DT Nate Collins (CHI) DT Geno Atkins (CIN) OL(…)

2013-2014 College Bowl Schedule

2013-14 Bowl Schedule BCS Games Date Game Location TV Time Matchup Jan. 6 BCS Title Pasadena, Calif. ESPN 8:30 p.m. Florida State (13-0) vs. Auburn (12-1) Jan. 3 Orange Miami, Fla. ESPN 8:30 p.m. Clemson (10-2) vs. Ohio State (12-1) Jan. 2 Sugar New Orleans, La. ESPN 8:30 p.m. Alabama (11-1) vs. Oklahoma (10-2) Jan.(…)

The New York Knicks are terrible

The New York Knicks are an awful basketball team. A team coming into 2013 with championship aspirations dropped their 6th straight game last night and are now 3-10 on the season. 1 1/2 game worse than a Celtics team whose best player is Jeff Green. Carmelo Anthony is just 42.9% his worst career mark since(…)

Erik Walden headbutts Delanie Walker

Erik Walden headbutts a helmetless Delanie Walker… and he somehow wasn’t thrown out of the game. I’d expect a fine coming.

The Fantasy Football Betting Phenomenon

Gambling on fantasy football leagues has become something of a phenomenon across much of the world in the last few years, running alongside conventional football betting. At the moment, a lot of the internet bookmakers do not actually offer betting markets or odds information on fantasy football. Yet more places – from betting websites to(…)

Rob Ryan is crushed

After Tom Brady hit Kenbrell Thompkins for a 17 yard TD with 5 seconds remaining Rob Ryan was crushed.

Many good reasons to choose a bicycle

There are many people in the world who jump on their bicycle to go to school or to go to their workplaces. In some Countries it’s even normal to see people riding a bicycle instead of driving a car. We are talking of places such as Holland, Stockholm and UK, so this means that not(…)

How I see it: 2013-14 NFL season

It turns out one game has been played already and Peyton Manning is loved/hated based on whose fantasy team he was on. So, I guess since fantasy football kicked off I might as well throw out a few predictions for the 2013-14 NFL season. Here goes. These are how I think each division will finish.(…)

NFL Odds on Favorite Teams

Defying the Odds: NFL Teams Poised to Become Betting Favorites This 2013 Season The NFL is an extremely popular sport in America; the scale and popularity of the sport is now also transcending American boundaries. Due to the options of free NFL betting available online, an increasing number of fans are taking interest in the(…) offers real money players a comprehensive overview of the state laws spread across all 50 states