NHL Stanley Cup Conference Finals 2009

NHL Stanley Cup Conference Finals 2009 Eastern Conference Finals 4 Pittsburgh Penguins vs 6 Carolina Hurricanes I thought about just writing Sidney Crosby and ending my preview there but I’ll give you a little more information than that. There hasn’t been a more consistent player throughout the playoffs than Sidney Crosby. He has a league(…)

Just how good is Stephen Strasburg?

Could Stephen Strasburg go straight to the majors this season for the Washington Nationals? The Nationals have not yet selected Strasburg but the pick is an obvious as if Johan Santana were available in the draft. Strasburg is 11-0 with a 1.24 ERA in 87 1/3 innings pitches. He has a 10-1 K/BB ratio with(…)

Big Ten – Why 12 teams?

NDPanther brought up a good question from my previous post, I just thought I would elaborate a little bit. Why does the Big Ten need 12 teams? The reason is that in order to have a championship game you must have 12 teams, it’s part of the NCAA rules.  The championship game is one step(…)

Big Ten Expansion Hopes

It turns out that the only one hoping for an expansion in the Big Ten was Joe Paterno and myself.  Paterno was quoted as saying by the Columbus Dispatch. “We go into hiding for six weeks, Everybody else is playing playoffs on television. You never see a Big Ten team mentioned. So I think that’s a(…)

2009 NBA Playoff Conference Semifinals Picks

Houston beating the Trail Blazers prevented us from going a perfect 8-0 in the first round. Here are our Conference Semifinals Picks Eastern Conference 1 Cleveland Cavalies vs 4 Atlanta Hawks – I don’t see any way the Cavaliers don’t win this series. I think Atlanta may get lucky and win a game in Atlana(…)

Fantasy Baseball April 2009: Surprising Hot and Cold Players

Fantasy Baseball 2009: Surprising Hot and Cold Players Hot: Brandon Inge – Inge may be the biggest surprise in fantasy this season. He is batting .319 with 7 HR, 18 RBI and 17 runs scored. Inge has showed promise like this before and him playing 3B this year instead of catcher should help him continue(…)

2009 NFL Draft Rookie Signing Status

Looking for the 2010 signings? Check them out here. Signing Status for All of the signings for all of the rounds. Michael Crabtree Signed! Round 1 (All 32 players have signed) 1. Detroit – Matthew Stafford, QB, Georgia 6 years $72M; $41.7M G 2. St. Louis – Jason Smith, OT, Baylor 5 years $5 years(…)

NHL Stanley Cup Conference Semifinal Playoff Matchups 2009

The Sharks losing to the Ducks kept us from going a perfect 8 for 8 in the Quarterfinals. Here are our conference semifinal picks Eastern Conference 1 Boston Bruins vs 6 Carolina Hurricanes – Boston dominated their first round series and will have 8 days off before their first game against the Hurricanes. Tim Thomas(…)

Campbell will ask for trade if Redskins draft a QB

Jason Campbell will request to be traded should the Redskins acquire a quarterback in this weekend’s draft. The Redskins, especially Daniel Snyder have been smitten with Mark Sanchez. The ‘skins have the 13th overall pick in this weekend’s draft, however, it is likely Sanchez could be selected in the top five — long before the(…)

NBA First Round Playoff Predictions

First Round Eastern Conference 1 Cleveland vs 8 Detroit – Cleveland should sweep, not much to really talk about here. Cavs in 4. 2 Boston vs 7 Chicago – Chicago won’t be able to score enough and even without Garnett the Celtics are a better team. Celtics in 6. 3 Orlando Magic vs 6 Philadelphia(…)

NHL Stanley Cup Quarterfinal Playoff Matchups 2009

Eastern Conference 1 Boston Bruins vs 8 Montreal Canadians The Canadians will be without Andrei Markov for the series and I don’t think they have a chance without him. Bruins in 5 2 Washington Capitals vs 7 New York Rangers Can Alex Ovechkin be stopped? The Rangers limited Ovechkin to five points in four games(…)

Who is the St Louis Cardinals closer?

Who exactly is the St. Louis Cardinals closer? In 2008 the Cardinals had 3 guys get 7 saves or more, Ryan Franklin had 17 saves, Jason Isringhausen 12, Chris Perez 7 and 6 other players had one save showing that not only could Tony La Russa not settle on one closer they were are average(…)

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