Many good reasons to choose a bicycle

There are many people in the world who jump on their bicycle to go to school or to go to their workplaces. In some Countries it’s even normal to see people riding a bicycle instead of driving a car. We are talking of places such as Holland, Stockholm and UK, so this means that not(…)

How I see it: 2013-14 NFL season

It turns out one game has been played already and Peyton Manning is loved/hated based on whose fantasy team he was on. So, I guess since fantasy football kicked off I might as well throw out a few predictions for the 2013-14 NFL season. Here goes. These are how I think each division will finish.(…)

NFL Odds on Favorite Teams

Defying the Odds: NFL Teams Poised to Become Betting Favorites This 2013 Season The NFL is an extremely popular sport in America; the scale and popularity of the sport is now also transcending American boundaries. Due to the options of free NFL betting available online, an increasing number of fans are taking interest in the(…)

Football lockers to fix

Football is a national sport in many Countries of the world, where it’s played at different levels from young kids up to the most popular and beloved players. Generally, people get attracted to a particular sport for cultural reasons. In fact, the more popular that sport is in their family or society, the more they(…)

Explaining our favorite 2013 NFL over/unders

NFL over/unders have been released for a while now, but we’ve yet to write anything up giving our thoughts. The Baltimore Ravens are the defending Super Bowl champion and lost a lot of defensive players this offseason, but reloaded in the secondary free agent market yet somehow have an over/under of 8.5 at most sports(…)

Bernard Pollard was the last player to tackle Aaron Hernandez in a game

Let’s recap the Patriots Bernard Pollard has hurt – Tom Brady- knee injury September 2008 – Wes Welker – knee injury 2009 playoffs – Rob Gronkowski – ankle sprain – Steven Ridley – head injury – Aaron Hernandez – Pollard was the last person to tackle Hernandez in a game

2013 NFL Draft Undrafted Free Agent Signings

We’ll be updating this all night, but here’s what we’ve got so far. These signings are unconfirmed, but we’ll update as we can. 49ers: DT Lawrence Okoye OT  Luke Marquardt Minnesota QB/TE/WR Marquis Gray Bears: Oklahoma P Tress Way Iowa State WR Josh Lenz Bengals: Kentucky WR Tyrone Goard Oklahoma State Quinn Sharp Auburn RB(…)

Andrew Luck’s Cell Phone

Courtesy of the one and only Matthew Hasselbeck we have obtained an image of Andrew Luck’s cell phone. The obvious takeaway here is – if I didn’t have a smart phone I’d spend less time on my phone and more time studying to be a great NFL QB. Lesson learned.

2013 NFL Compensatory Picks

Round 3 Houston Texans – Round 3, Selection 33, No. 95 overall Kansas City Chiefs – Round 3, Selection 34, No. 96 overall Tennessee Titans – Round 3, Selection 35, No. 97 overall Round 4 Baltimore Ravens – Round 4, Selection 33, No. 130 overall San Francisco 49ers – Round 4, Selection 34, No. 131(…)

2013 NFL Franchise tagged players

NFL teams have until March 4th to tag players as a franchise player. The following players have already been tagged. Buffalo Bills: Jairus Byrd, S Chicago Bears: Henry Melton, DT Cincinnati Bengals: Michael Johnson, DE Denver Broncos: Ryan Clady, LT Indianapolis Colts: Pat McAfee, P offers real money players a comprehensive overview of the state laws spread across all 50 states