Grant Hill and Reggie Evans ejected for Spanking

Grant Hill and Reggie Evans were ejected from the Suns – Raptors game for slapping each others butts.  I thought slapping each other on the ass was like a hand shake in basketball? Although Grant Hill’s slap seemed to be a little more vicious then the normal “hey, good job”.  The best part of it(…)

Nate Robinson and Rajon Rondo take down Shaq

Nate Robinson and Rajon Rondo hip check Shaq at a hotel. I love the synchronization in the take down. Plus they know that Shaq can’t catch them, so they know they don’t have to worry about anything

Dwight Howard and That One Guy From ‘The Hangover’

Dwight Howard and Slim chin’s (That guy from ‘The Hangover'(Ken Jeong)) new music video.  Dwight Howard may not be the best singer, but fast don’t lie.  Ken Jeong is hilarious, I love can watch him in anything, even if it is just a Adidas commercial / fake music video.

NBA Elite 11 Delayed for PS3 Xbox and 360, NBA Jam Added for PS3 and Xbox 360

NBA Elite 11 was not up to EA standards, so they delayed their Xbox 360 and PS3 release date.  EA says they are going to work on it until they can deleiver a “breakthrough basketball experience”. So they either screwed up on NBA Elite 11, or they didn’t finish it in time.  Probably a little(…)

Dwyane Wade Blocking Little Kids Shots

Here is a video of Dwyane Wade Blocking a Kids shots.  What is up with the Miami Heat?  They must really hate little kids.  First LeBron now Dwyane Wade.  Disappointing.  Pretty damn funny though. The video is way better than the “LeBron dunking on Kids”, my only complaint is he didn’t finish with a dunk. But(…)

Daily Spin: Tiger is doing terrible, 100 Fantasy Football Stats, Biggest Choke Ever

Slow news day so I released Daily Spin before anything else, I’ll get on some updates later in the day… DJ Steve Porter – How he turns sports into Viral Videos…  He has good beats, but can he keep cranking out winners? [ Fanhouse] 100 Fantasy Footaball Statistics from 2009…  TMR always has good insight,(…) offers real money players a comprehensive overview of the state laws spread across all 50 states