What Blake Griffin’s Over the Car Dunk Should Have Looked Like

I hate to keep comparing every great dunk to Blake Griffin’s over the car dunk.  But it’s hard not to since he set such a low standard at the NBA dunk contest finale.  Here is a dunk by Guy Dupuy during the Women’s Euroleague All Star Game 2011. This is what Blake Griffin’s dunk should of(…)

Run Artest Runs Into Fan During Game

LA Lakers’ Ron Artest runs into a fan during a game while trying to get the ball. Not a big deal right? It happens almost every game where a player dives into a crowd. But this fan was attempting to sit or stand and had a drink in his hand. His coffee or soda just(…)

Blake Griffin One-handed Alley-oop

This is an amazing one handed alley-oop by Blake Griffin vs the Boston Celtics. And it is still a better dunk than the over the car dunk during the All Star Dunk Contest. Since I am on the subject… This is how easy the over the car dunk us… kind of… The more I watch(…)

LeBron James INSANE No Look Pass

LeBron James recovers a blocked shot, and throws a crazy no look pass to Erick Dampier. Not really sure how he saw him. Maybe he was watching a reflection somewhere, or a tv, because that was a crazy accurate no look pass.

NBA Trade Roundup

There have been a few NBA trades the past few days, here’s how they break down: Charlotte Bobcats trade forward Gerald Wallace to the Portland Trail Blazers for C Joel Przybilla, F Dante Cunningham, F/C Sean Marks, a conditional 2011 pick, and a conditional 2013 first-round draft pick. Phoenix Suns trade Goran Dragic and a lottery-protected first-round pick to the(…)

Denver Nuggets Trade Carmelo Anthony and Most of Their Team

The Denver Nuggets traded their 32-25 team for the New York Knicks 28-26 team (minus Stoudemire).  Plus the Timberwolves slipped a trade in there.  This is one massive trade that went down. Here is the breakdown between the three way trade Between Nuggets, Timberwolves, and Knicks: Knicks: New York Knicks receive Carmelo Anthony,  Chauncey Billups,(…)

Demar Derozan Inspirational Dunk

This is a video of Demar Derozan’s dunk during the 2011 NBA All Star Slam Dunk Competition in slow motion, with some nice dramatic music behind it. All you need is a voice over and you have a future ESPN 30 for 30. Oh and Demar Drozen has to be great. Have hope Raptor’s fans…(…)

Top 5 Dunks from the 2011 All-Star Dunk Contest

There were a lot of great dunks on Saturday night.  But did the best dunk win?  Let’s go through the top 5 dunks during the all star dunk contest. 5. Blake Griffin Car Dunk A Solid dunk, with a lot of showmanship, but this was not the best dunk of the night.  4. JaVale(…)

Blake Griffin Dunk Camera

This off the glass alley-oop by Blake Griffin has a unique camera angle to it. It’s from Blake Griffin’s point of view.

Almost Every Blake Griffin Dunk This Year

It seems like everyone has Blake Griffin Fever these days, including us. So here is a compilation of almost every Blake Griffin dunk so far this year. I’m pretty sure that this is also every SportsCenter highlight this year. via Deadspin

Blake Griffin rap by DJ Steve Porter

“I have respect for guys, but I will never apologize. I will never back down.” I don’t know about everyone else but I can’t get enough of this guy. He’s made the unwatchable Clippers a must see attraction offers real money players a comprehensive overview of the state laws spread across all 50 states