NBA 2K12 Review

NBA just opened up for business, but that didn’t stop NBA 2k12 from making a great basketball game. They were hard at work for months and released the game WAY before the NBA season. GAMEPLAY Although I tend to pass the ball around and hustle a little more than a regular NBA game, the game(…)

Brian Wilson making a case for the Celtics

Brian Wilson may be a little crazy (or a little genius), but he is making a pretty good case for the Boston Celtics as the greatest team of all time. Join the debat on, my vote goes for the Bulls. By the way I am pretty excited for NBA2k12, no need to have a season,(…)

Greatest NBA Team of All Time?

Michael Jordan challenges you to find the greatest NBA team of all time. It is kind of hard to beat any of his teams, so have fun with this challenge. My Personal favorite is the ’98 Bulls, because there was a slight push off. Sorry Mike.

NBA 2K12 Trailer

NBA Lockout? Who cares, because NBA 2K12 looks amazing. This can fulfill my NBA needs for the winter! Just wait til you see the list of Legends you can be!

Lakers Ron Artest to Legally Change His Name to ‘Metta World Peace’

A few years ago we had Chad Johnson changing his last name to Ochocinco. In 2003 Angel’s pitcher Johan Santana changed his name to Ervin Santana while in the minor leagues. While in college Maurice Drew changed his name to Maurice Jones-Drew to honor his late grandfather. Former NBA basketball player Brian Williams changed his(…)

Shannon Brown Switch-handed dunk

This is a great breakaway dunk by Shannon Brown of the LA Lakers. He switches the ball in mid-air and still makes the dunk!

Jon Brockman Trick Shot Video

Jon Brockman of the Milwaukee Bucks made a trick shot video to show you how it’s done. He has some good shots in there, but the “That’s how it’s done” is pretty annoying. He probably should have dunked over a deer, would have been way better than a car dunk…

Worst Pass in NBA History?

I am not sure if this pass by Jordan Crawford of the Washington Wizards is the worst in NBA history, but it is somewhere up there. The ball slipped out of Crawford’s hand and somehow flew behind him. Really terrible pass, I am not sure if he could do that twice. Seriously, how the hell(…) offers real money players a comprehensive overview of the state laws spread across all 50 states