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USA Offsides Goal vs Algeria

USA got hosed again with another offsides call. Can there be anymore reasons to get instant replay for the World Cup? I don’t understand the purpose of offsides… To level out the playing field? Wouldn’t more goals in soccer be a good thing? Make it more exciting?

David Villa Punches Honduras Player

Spanish Striker David Villa punched Honduras defender Emilio Izaguirre. Villa might face a suspension for the incident. Does he deserve a suspension? Maybe a 1 game suspension, but probably no more than that. It’s not like he started a brawl. If the TwitVid doesn’t show up just refresh the page, it can be flukey sometimes.

Vuvuzela-ize Any Site

Turn any site into the World Cup.  That’s right, just add a URL to the end of and feel the atmosphere of the World Cup at your home or work.  For instance “World Cup: Backseat Fan Edition” sounds like this —-> Use to mess with your friends and co workers. is …

Kaka screwed by Keita Flop

Ivory Coast’s Keita flopped a blow to the face by Brazil’s Kaka. Kaka got a red card. Maybe they should consider doing a instant replay during World Cup Matches. Kaka has to sit out against Brazil’s next match, which is Portugal. Brazil has already qualified, so it is just for the top spot in their …

How can the US advance in the World Cup?

Win. It’s as simple as that, if the US wins, they advance, if they don’t win then they’re out. 90% of you will stop reading now and that’s okay, but if you want to hear the details of why they advance with a win here you go. Currently Slovenia is the leader in the group …

USA vs Slovenia World Cup Highlights

In a game marred by poor officiating, Landon Donovan and Michael Bradley each scored in a furious second-half comeback by the US team. This draw kept the American’s chances of advancing to the next round of the World Cup alive. Maurice Edu, a second-half subsitution, appeared to put the U.S. ahead in the 86th, poking in …

Steve Nash Sent to South Africa in a Box

When Steve Nash signed on with CBS Sports he thought he would get the red carpet treatment on his way to South Africa. Looks like CBS screwed him over (just like they screwed all of us when we wanted to watch our team during NCAA Tournament). No Private Jet, No first Class, No Coach. Just …

LEGO World Cup: USA vs England

LEGOs make things awesome. Have you ever seen the Lego Star Wars – The Force Unleashed? It’s ridiculous. This is a LEGO reenactment of the USA vs England soccer match in the 2010 World Cup . Sure it ended in a draw, but LEGOs made the game better. via [guardian]