Our Ultimate Game Day Experience

Where to begin? Our ultimate game day experienced started with tailgating. Ryan, I and 6 other friends tailgated starting at 7 am for the noon game. Tailgating is key to a great NFL experience. Tailgating is the only time that it seems right to have hamburgers, hotdogs, and beer at 7 am. Tailgating is one(…)

NBA 2K12 Review

NBA just opened up for business, but that didn’t stop NBA 2k12 from making a great basketball game. They were hard at work for months and released the game WAY before the NBA season. GAMEPLAY Although I tend to pass the ball around and hustle a little more than a regular NBA game, the game(…)

New NBA 2K12 Downloadable Content Coming November 29th

NBA 2k12 has some cool new downloadoable content coming out November 29th. This new content features over 100 NBA greats / legendary players and new game modes. A few of the Legendary Players to be included in the DLC pack will be Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Dr. J, and the great Larry Bird. The new(…)

Brian Wilson making a case for the Celtics

Brian Wilson may be a little crazy (or a little genius), but he is making a pretty good case for the Boston Celtics as the greatest team of all time. Join the debat on, my vote goes for the Bulls. By the way I am pretty excited for NBA2k12, no need to have a season,(…)

World’s most popular soccer teams

What happens when sports go “virtual”? probably, when you hear about sport, you immediately think of traditional sports, those played in a real stadium and followed by TV interviews and talk shows on the topic. Well, yes, most of times sport is like that. But many sport supporters already found out the comfort of receiving(…)

NBA 2K12 Trailer

NBA Lockout? Who cares, because NBA 2K12 looks amazing. This can fulfill my NBA needs for the winter! Just wait til you see the list of Legends you can be!

This Might Be the Best Touchdown Run Ever

Eleven year old Nate Shannon from Genoa, IL plows through an entire team for a touchdown on his first carry ever. Ever. Think about it, this kid has never taken a handoff in a game before, and he was able to accomplish this. He broke through ever tackle, from just about everyone on the other(…)

Book Review – The Ones Who Hit The Hardest By Chad Millman and Shawn Coyne

The Ones Who Hit The Hardest By Chad Millman and Shawn Coyne I’ve always been a fan of history, whether that means the Civil War, the invention of baseball, or the first computer. Anything that predates what I can remember from having lived it, I’ve always been a fan. When it comes to sports books I’ve read(…)

The League – Public Service Announcements

The League on FX is sending out public service announcements to the NFL. I have to say they are hilarious, true, and needed. I know they are close to an agreement, but really, they need to get this done. Seriously. Anyway, here are some great PSA from The League (Great show about fantasy football, if(…)

Ladbrokes: Moving From Bookmaker To Game Provider

If you are a passionate follower of MLB, NBA and other important sport championships and events, you will surely know the brand name of Ladbrokes. Actually, all sport bettors know Ladbrokes and probably are even customers of this UK based large and well developed bookmaker. Ladbrokes Games: News On Sight Actually, since 1886 Ladbrokes brand(…)

Top Spin 4 (PS3)

You all know how you loved playing wii tennis when that came out?  Well imagine Wii tennis on steroids, with great graphics, then you have the essence of Top Spin 4. The gameplay in Top Spin is great for a tennis game.  It feels like the old school Top Spin games that we all grew up loving,(…)

Backflip Penalty Kick

I will be the first to admit that I know close to nothing about soccer. But I do know that this is amazing. In one motion he shoots the penalty kick, does a backflip, and makes the goal. Watch it, and then watch it again. Pretty impressive. offers real money players a comprehensive overview of the state laws spread across all 50 states