Jeremy Roenick Crying Over Blackhawks Win

Jeremy Roenick was trying to be strong, and be a broadcaster, but he couldn’t hold it all in. Roenick played for the Blackhawks, but said he couldn’t get it done when he had the chance. He got a little emotional after Dan Patrick asks if he is going to be OK. Roenick has the still(…)

Chicago Blackhawks win Stanley Cup

After 49 years, Chicago’s wait is over. The Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup Wednesday night in overtime on a goal by Patrick Kane. Jonathan Toews was named the Conn Smythe Trophy winner as MVP.  Marian Hossa, 0-2 the past two years in Stanley Cup finals, won his first cup. I don’t think there is a(…)

Steve Yzerman named Tampa Bay Lightning General Manager

Former Detroit Red Wing and Hall of Famer Stever Yzerman has been named the new general manager of the Tampa Bay Lightning. Yzerman had been with the Detroit Red Wings his entire career, he was formerly a captain and most recently the vice president of the NHL team. After missing the playoffs for the third(…)

Flyers Make it to Finals, Fan Drops F-Bomb

The Flyers beat the Habs and make it to the Stanley Cup Finals. And it looks like a Flyers Fans Shaved her mustache off, and dropped an F bomb. The Philadelphia Flyers will play the Chicago Blackhawks in the Finals, can this Cinderella team keep winning?

Boston Bruins Don’t Date a Flyers Fan Advertisements

“Never, ever date a Flyers fan. Even if she shaves her moustache.” The Boston Bruin’s marketing department come up with the best advertisements. They keep us entertained while telling us simple sports rules that everyone NEEDS to follow.  Seriously, no one wants to date a girl with a mustache, even if she shaves it.  You(…)

ESPN’s Barry Melrose uses Chickenshit on his Face

How does Barry Melrose stay so young looking? Chickenshit. He applies it to his face at night to get rid of the crows feet. For the few hundred people watching First Take they were happy to get something good on TV. They should really just replace First Take with a replay of SportsNation ( A(…)

Rex Ryan Jersey Switch

What a great gesture, giving Rex Ryan a jersey. And because of this, hockey got a lot more viewers for one night. Thanks Rex Ryan’s Gut! And the ESPN Breakdown of the Jersey Switch

Mark Fistric uses Eric Nystrom’s helmet in fight

Eric Nystrom (Calgary Flames) vs. Mark Fistric (Dallas Stars) Fistric takes of Nytrom’s helmet, and uses it against him.  Funny thing is if that is done in football, that person will be out for a year.  But if its done in hockey a 5 minute penalty for fighting, and a 10 minute penalty for trying(…)

Green Bay Gamblers have nothing on Manu Ginobili

Green Bay Gamblers vs Cedar Rapids Rough Riders vs Bat. How many swings does it take to take out a bat? Manu can do it with his hands. In this case, be a man use your hands. Manu Ginobili takes care of the bat with no problem.

Link it up – 10/27

Top story of the day: The Curse of the LA Clippers is living vicariously though Blake Griffin, and his knee cap… NFL ESPN.com – Report: Titans owner wants Young to get start ESPN.com – Second chance: Smith is 49ers’ starting QB FoxSports.com – Jets’ Edwards charged with assault in Cleveland NBA DeadSpin.com – Malcolm Gladwell(…)

NHL Stanley Cup Conference Finals 2009

NHL Stanley Cup Conference Finals 2009 Eastern Conference Finals 4 Pittsburgh Penguins vs 6 Carolina Hurricanes I thought about just writing Sidney Crosby and ending my preview there but I’ll give you a little more information than that. There hasn’t been a more consistent player throughout the playoffs than Sidney Crosby. He has a league(…)

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