High School

Best High School Dunk Ever?

Jordan Green of Flower Mound High School in Texas might just have the best high school dunk ever. Green is headed to Texas A&M to play college basketball, so expect more spectacular dunks out of the kid.

90% of People Don’t Care About Track in High School

This video proves it. I was always a big fan of track, but I guess I like running. Although, I guess my favorite part about track in high school was probably grilling hot dogs and playing cards during the track meets. Again, proving that most people don’t care about track and field.

Crazy High School Kickoff Return

Butler High School had one of those lateral it back desperation type of kick returns with only 1.8 seconds left in the game (Cal- Standford minus the band on the field). They pulled it off, plus made a two point conversion to stun Pleasure Ridge Park 42-41. Go here to read more about the story.

High School Football Player Hurdles STANDING Defender

Marky Thompkins of the East Liverpool Potters (Ohio) jumps over a STANDING defender for a touchdown. The was a penalty on the play, so the touchdown didn’t count. For some reason hurdling a player who has one or two feet on the ground is a penalty. I call that skill, not a penalty. OK, so(…)

Game Winning High School QB Scramble

This is a pretty nice game winning scramble by high school quarterback Craig Billington of Genoa-Kingston (Ill.) High School. Although I think it is mostly bad tackling, it is still pretty amazing that he got through all of those tackles.  Plus, he won the game so it makes it that much better. Via Yahoo Sports(…)

Worst High School Football Play Ever?

This has to be the worst high school football play ever. Not only does he lose 50 yards by running backwards, he just throws the ball up for grabs afterwards, like one of his teammates was ready for the lateral. Wait, if he is going the wrong way is it still a lateral, or is(…)

Thomas Family Receives Arthur Ashe Award at ESPYs (VIDEO)

Ed Thomas’ Family Received the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage at ESPYs last night. We dropped this tip back in May, but we will post it again here for those of you who missed it. Congratulations to the Thomas Family, they deserve it. In an age when the country is bitterly divided over political, social,(…)

ESPN’s E:60 Revisits Parkersburg Tragedy

ESPN gave us a heads up that they will be running another E:60 on the Ed Thomas Tragedy on Tuesday, April 13, at 7 p.m. ET.  Matt and I both played against Coach Thomas in high school, and we have all the respect in the world for him and his family.  If you haven’t heard(…)

Mark Becker Found Guility of Murdering Coach Ed Thomas

This story really hit home for me, I played against Coach Ed Thomas in High School, and he didn’t deserve to go out like this. He was an NFL High School Coach of the Year and is at the top of high school coaches in Iowa History. He produced multiple NFL players from a small(…)

ESPN E:60 – Ed Thomas: The Game Must Go On

Great video of Ed Thomas and what he meant to Parkersburg. This is the E:60 that was aired last night if anyone didn’t catch it.  I am looking forward to watching A-Ps game on ESPN this Friday.

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