2011 MLB Draft Order

Pick Team W L W% 1 Pittsburgh Pirates 57 105 0.352 2 Seattle Mariners 61 101 0.377 3 Arizona Diamondbacks 65 97 0.401 4 Baltimore Orioles 66 96 0.407 5 Kansas City Royals 67 95 0.414 6 Washington Nationals 69 93 0.426 7 Arizona Diamondbacks [1] 8 Cleveland Indians 69 93 0.426 9 Chicago Cubs(…)

MLB 2010 Playoff Schedule

Series Date Network Starters Game Time (ET) ALDS Game 1: TEX @ TB Wednesday, October 6 TBS Lee vs Price 1:37 p.m. ALDS Game 1: NYY @ MIN Wednesday, October 6 TBS Sabathia vs Liriano 8:37 p.m. ALDS Game 2: TEX @ TB Thursday, October 7 TBS Wilson vs Garza 2:37 p.m. ALDS Game 2:(…)

Jose Bautista’s 54 home runs has put together a video showing each of Jose Bautista’s 54 home runs this season. It’s remarkable that his first opposite field home run is his most recent this year. There has been a lot of speculation about Jose Bautista being on steroids, but how can anyone say that? I’m sure he’s being tested(…)

Braves’ Eric Hinske’s 2 run home run vs Marlins

Atlanta Braves OF Eric Hinske hits an emotional 2 run home run vs the Marlins to keep the Braves in front in the NL Wild Card race. As you all know doesn’t allow their videos to be embedded and they take down anything on youtube, so click here for the link. Eric Hinske and(…)

Aaron Cook Fractures Fibula off a Line Drive

Watch Joey Votto hit a line drive back to Colorado Rockies Pitcher Aaron Cook, hit him in the leg, and broke his Fibula.  Just turn up your volume, and hear the break.  [via deadspin / MLB].  If that video goes dead just goto the MLB link, its worth the extra click.

Sidney Crosby Hitting Home Runs

Sidney Crosby hitting home runs during batting practice.  Can the Pittsburgh Pirates sign him? That would probably be the best thing that ever happened to the Pirates.

Minor League Baseball Manager Goes CRAZY (VIDEO)

Minor League baseball manager for the State College Spikes steals first base, signs it, and gives it to a fan. The manager, Gary Robinson,  was claiming that the ball hit the bat, and not the player. The Umpire disagrees, and the manager just goes crazy. I don’t quite understand why baseball managers can go crazy(…)

Stephen Strasburg has torn ulnar collateral ligament

Washington Nationals rookie phenom Stephen Strasburg has a significant tear of the ulnar collateral ligament that will probably require Tommy John surgery, the Nationals announced today. The team will get a second opinion (and probably a third and fourth) before deciding on surgery. Strasburg is scheduled to visit Dr. Lewis Yocum, an orthopedic surgeon well(…)

Crazy Amazing Baseball Catch Part Deux!

Another crazy spiderman like baseball catch happened in a Hiroshima Carp game. This time it was center fielder Amaya Soichiro that climbed up the wall and made the grab. I don’t think its better than Masato Akamatsu’s catch, but it is right up there with it. When are these Japanese league players going to come(…)

Who will win the National League batting title?

If the season ended today the National League batting title champion would be Joey Votto with a .323 average. He would be followed by Martin Prado and Placido Polanco at .318, Albert Pujols at .316 and Carlos Gonzalez at .315. To qualify for the batting title a player needs 3.1 plate appearances (PAs) per team(…)

Woman Drenched by Foul Ball

A woman was enjoying her beer at a Nationals game when a line drive hit her beer bottle. The beer then exploded all over her face. Damn those $10 metal bottles! Look at the bright side, at least she only got hit in the face by the beer and not the ball. But notice the(…) offers real money players a comprehensive overview of the state laws spread across all 50 states