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Tiger Woods 2011 Promo Commercials

I think Tiger found his new swing coach in Mike Ditka. Apparently team golf is the new sliced bread, so you need a good team coach to get things going. Golf And Curling, perfect match right? Tiger needs to come out of the woodwork eventually and start selling some products. I think the team golf …

LPGA Golfer Erica Blasberg Found Dead

LPGA Golfer Erica Blasberg was found dead Sunday at her home in Henderson, Nevada.  She was only 25 years old. The case is currently under investigation, and No cause of death has been disclosed. Henderson police spokesman Keith Paul said that officers responded to a 911 call and were dispatched to Blasberg’s house around 3 …

Tiger Woods Played with Bulging Dick?

Golf Channel announcer screws up and says that Tiger Woods played with a bulging “dicks” instead of bulging discs. Simple Freudian slip right? This is almost as good as the Golf Channel Analyst that was crying during Tiger’s robotic speech.

Tiger Yells at Masters, Again

“God Tiger, Jesus Christ.” Tiger is trying to contain his emotions on the golf course, but he had a few outbursts. Not sure how all religions in the world work, but isn’t Tiger a Buddhist? Not sure if it’s normal to yell out Jesus Christ or not.

Tiger Woods Bootyism Airplane Banner

This banner flew across the sky as soon as Tiger Woods stepped on the Tee.  Maybe a little distracting for Tiger on the tee.  He is currently tied for 7th place after the first round, so maybe he could have been a little higher if people didn’t bother him with clever Air – o – …

Billy Payne on Tiger Woods

Billy Payne is an Augusta Chairman, and had a statement about Tiger Woods. I heard these statements yesterday, just never had the chance to put them up. He failed to say, without Tiger Woods the Masters would be terrible and no one would care.

Tiger Woods Masters Flag

This isn’t just a Tiger Woods Flag, it doubles as a background for your computer.  Good luck Tiger, you are going to be getting crap like this all day.  John Daly is probably selling these flags and t-shirts from his RV across the street.