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2009 Fantasy Football Rankings Top 200

Overall Top 200 Fantasy Players for the 2009 Fantasy Football Season I don’t take much stock in drafting a kicker or defense before the last two rounds, I literally spent 2 minutes ranking the kickers and 2 minutes ranking the defenses. In my opinion there isn’t a back who is the clear cut #1 pick. …

Fan’s League Update

Invites have been sent out to the fan’s league. If you want to be a part of the league and did not receive an invitation please email us, leave a comment, or send us a tweet. We are still looking for a few more members so tell your friends!

Fan’s League Fantasy Football

We are looking to get 14 Fan’s out there to make a 16-Man Fantasy Football League.  We don’t know how many people will want to play. So we would just like to get an idea. So email us, tweet us, or leave us a comment if you would like to particpate in the Fan’s league.  …