Fantasy Football

The Three Best Wide Receivers In 2015

It is never too early to start looking at rankings for fantasy football leagues this upcoming fall. After all, teams are really starting to come together, so we are getting a better idea on what to expect. The wide receiver position is probably the deepest and toughest to figure out at this point, but there(…)

2013-2014 Fantasy stats worth knowing

Fantasy stats worth knowing If you’re hooked on fantasy sports, you should be clued up on your statistics. Here are a few you should know from the 2013 Fantasy Football season. -Denver is the new fantasy capitol with five players scoring at least 10 touchdowns in the same season. No other team has had more(…)

How I see it: 2013-14 NFL season

It turns out one game has been played already and Peyton Manning is loved/hated based on whose fantasy team he was on. So, I guess since fantasy football kicked off I might as well throw out a few predictions for the 2013-14 NFL season. Here goes. These are how I think each division will finish.(…)

Tyvon Branch a Boon for Raiders

  The Oakland Raiders are a franchise in need of a lift and some tender loving care on the playing side of things, as the past few seasons have been anything but successful; on top of that, they lost their long-time owner, Al Davis, in October, last year. But there appears to be some good(…)

Darth Vader Drafts Kicker

I am a little late on this, but this is pretty damn funny.  Darth Vader doing a fantasy draft is funny enough, but selecting a kicker?  Hilarious.

2011 Fantasy Focus 06010 Football Board

  2011 ESPN Fantasy Focus Football Board Bet Nate Matthew Score Winner Felix Jones rushing/receiving yards 1499 or less 1500 + 111* More Fantasy Points DeAngelo Williams LeGarrette Blount 8-29 More Fantasy Points Kevin Kolb Sam Bradford 29-29 More Fantasy Points Cedric Benson Shonn Greene 30-21 More Fantasy Points Mario Manningham Jeremy Maclin 9-37 Knowshon(…)

2011 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet – With Tiers

We put together a cheat sheet for all you that have Fantasy Football drafts coming up.  We did the rankings in tiers, for instance, there isn’t a huge difference between Tom Brady and Drew Brees, so there is no need to stretch a pick in order to get them if you can get them on(…)

2011 NFL Draft Rookie Signing Status

2011 NFL Draft Rookie Signing Status 0 of 0 players signed Sort by Overall | Team | College Conference | College | Position | Last 7 DaysSort by First Round Only | Second | Third | Fourth | Fifth | Sixth | Seventh Check out the 2010 Rookie Signings

Randy Moss claimed off waivers by Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans have claimed Randy Moss off waivers from the Minnesota Vikings. In the 1998 NFL Draft 20 teams passed on Randy Moss as the Minnesota Viking selected him with the 21st pick and Moss had one of the greatest seasons by a rookie in NFL history. In 2010 21 teams passed on Randy(…)

Come on Yahoo, is This Really Fantasy Advice?

Really?  Really Yahoo?  Advice is that the NFL is not commenting on the details of the investigation? How does this help with with Fantasy Football?  Should I start Favre or bench Favre?  Does this make him more likely to play?  Did you get Favre’s fantasy confused with fantasy football? This has nothing remotely to do(…) offers real money players a comprehensive overview of the state laws spread across all 50 states