Fantasy Baseball

Top 30 Players and Top 15 Pitchers for Fantasy Baseball 2009

Overall Top 30 1. Albert Pujols 2. Miguel Cabrera 3. Ryan Braun 4. David Wright 5. Grady Sizemore 6. Hanley Ramirez 7. Jose Reyes 8. Jimmy Rollins 9. Carlos Lee 10. Lance Berkman 11. Mark Teixeira 12. Johan Santana 13. Tim Lincecum 14. Chase Utley 15. Josh Hamilton 16. CC Sabathia 17. Dustin Pedroia 18.(…)

2009 Major League Baseball Bold Predictions

Adam Dunn hits 45 HRs but hasno more than 90 RBIs The New York Yankees finish 3rd in the division and barely beat out the Orioles for it The Twins and Royals finish 1st and 2nd in the AL Central The Cubs finish 2nd in the NL Central even after a midseason trade for Jake(…)

Fantasy Baseball 2009 Love/Hate List

Two rules to live by: Don’t reach for a catcher. In a 10 team league that means there will probably be 10-15 catchers owned, meaning there are still 15 other catchers you can draft. Don’t pay for saves – 1/3 of closers last year lost their jobs at some point last year. I wouldn’t take(…) offers real money players a comprehensive overview of the state laws spread across all 50 states