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Jared Allen Cut his Mullet

Jared Allen did the a terrible thing this week, he cut his mullet. Apparently looking good for his wedding is more important than winning a Super Bowl. Samson lost all of his strength once his hair was cut, the same will happen to Jared Allen. Allen will lose all of his ability to play football, …

Steve Nash’s Eye

Steve Nash played with that messed up eye injury.  That is dedication.  I am proud to be a Sun’s fan.  Even though he does look like an alien.  He is into making videos, my guess is this would be a good episode for MeatHawk.

New Black Arizona Cardinals Uniforms

These New AZ Cardinals unis are awesome.  Looks like I found what uniform I am picking for every game in Madden.  If they had black pants and a black helmets they would be the coolest unis in the NFL.  Sadly, they have white helmets, and white pants.

Ben Roethlisberger is Big Douche

Ben Roethlisberger is and idiot, and I don’t want to refer to him as Big Ben because Big Douche suits him so much better. The police reports that just came out verify that he is a complete douche bag. You are one of the highest paid NFL athletes, you should be able to get a …

Tiger Woods Bootyism Airplane Banner

This banner flew across the sky as soon as Tiger Woods stepped on the Tee.  Maybe a little distracting for Tiger on the tee.  He is currently tied for 7th place after the first round, so maybe he could have been a little higher if people didn’t bother him with clever Air – o – …

Tiger Woods Masters Flag

This isn’t just a Tiger Woods Flag, it doubles as a background for your computer.  Good luck Tiger, you are going to be getting crap like this all day.  John Daly is probably selling these flags and t-shirts from his RV across the street.

Tiger Woods Impact on Economy Infographic

This is a pretty interesting infographic from  Turns out Tiger woods is pretty damn important to the Golfing Economy.  $30 million dollars a city for the Buick Open alone.  I went to the Phoenix Open this year, and it was busy, but I am sure if Tiger was there it would go crazy. Let’s …

Cop takes pictures with Ben Roethlisberger Hour Before Complaint

Ben Roethlisberger was going around in Milledgeville, Georgia  with two off-duty cops from Pennsylvania.  Ben was  also with an on-duty officer who happened to  be the first to  investigate the alleged sexual assault.  These pictures were taken about an hour before the alleged victim filed a complaint of sexual assault. Sgt. Jerry Blash, who wrote …

Brett Favre Newspaper Ad

A Minnesota Vikings fan from Wisconsin, took out a full-page color ad in the Hattiesburg, Miss., paper to try and help bring Brett Favre back.  I don’t know if it will work or not.  But I hope it does.

Tiger Woods Peta Billboard

PETA is looking for a spot to put up a billboard for a new ad that features Tiger Woods in in Windermere, FL (which is near Orlando, FL). The bill board will say “Too Much Sex Can Be a Bad Thing … For Little Tigers Too. Help Keep Your Cats (and Dogs) Out of Trouble: …