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One Auburn Football Player is Not Very Smart

Jordan Spriggs, an Auburn football player sent out a tweet yesterday that said “man who is good at writing papers?????????????? i pay…” (Judging from the tweet, I already know that he isn’t good at writing papers). Two of his teammates immediately call him an idiot. His Twitter account no longer exists, but whatever you put on …

Tim Tebow’s Rookie Hazing Haircut

Tim Tebow’s new haircut is courtesy of the Denver Broncos Veterans.  Rookie Hazing s a bitch, especially when people call you a savior.  I only home that Kyle Orton gave him this haircut. Start thinking of possible names, all we have so far is Father Tebow and Friar Tebow. Pic via Lendale White’s Twitter

NCAA Football 11 Cover of Tim Tebow Crying

EA’s NCAA Football 11 cover features Tim Tebow gripping the ball and looking downfield.   GameStop manager’s in Tuscaloosa, Alabama had a better idea, so they made a custom cover just for their stores.  Their custom cover features Tim Tebow crying after losing to Alabama in the 2009 SEC Championship game. I prefer the crying …

Sports Salaries Infographic

This shows the spread of salaries across different sports, mainly concentrates on soccer salaries, and lack there of.  I wonder why they didn’t include the WNBA?  Where the average salary is a whopping 40k a year. If you want to grow up to just be an average pro player in something, try to be an …

Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade New Miami Heat Logo

If the Miami Heat don’t capitalize on this idea and make sweet Miami Vice style jerseys then they are idiots.  This should be their campaign for their new season.  Miami Vice is iconic, and this duo will be iconic as well. Posters, Billboards, Jerseys, Commercials, the whole nine yards.  The rights to Miami Vice can’t …

LT Gets Jets Tattoo on Leg

LaDainian Tomlinson hasn’t played one snap with the Jets and he already has a Jet’s Tattoo.  His Tattoo mirrors the one that he had while he played for the Chargers (different leg).   The word on the street is that LT isn’t really impressing at camp.  Oh and this just came out yesterday, Shonn Greene …

Tiger Woods + Powerade = F You Gatorade

Tiger Woods is no longer a sponsor of Gatorade, so why the hell should he drink it?  Well, chances are he just wants to send a big F You to gatorade for dropping him.  Chances of Tiger becoming a Powerade sponsor in the next year or so?  Pretty damn good.

Niger vs Germany Scoreboard

I’m not sure how many people thought this was real, but deadspin did some fact checking and this definitely isn’t a scoreboard from a real game, rather a scoreboard from EA Sports’ 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa. They really need to work on getting better abbreviations for scoreboards.