Best High School Dunk Ever?

Jordan Green of Flower Mound High School in Texas might just have the best high school dunk ever. Green is headed to Texas A&M to play college basketball, so expect more spectacular dunks out of the kid.

Tim Floyd Ejected from Game, Police Escort him Out

Tim Floyd was ejected from the UTEP at East Carolina game and escorted out by Police. The refs called four technical fouls on UTEP coaching staff in a five-minute span, that has to be a record. Plus they called one more technical foul later in the game. UTEP coach Phil Johnson was also ejected. The(…)

Nick Schrank Jumps Three Feet High onto Medicine Ball

UFL Virginia Destroyers LB prospect Nick Schrank has found a better viral video to help promote him and the UFL. He jumps 32 inches, on to a medicine ball. Ridiculous. I think his eye if fine people. UFL could be gaining some new fans if there is an NFL lockout. They should probably produce some(…)

Vanderbilt Mascot Punches Fan

Vanderbilt mascot Mr. Commodore gives a fan a bloody nose while going through the crowd. Does that look like he accidentally through the haymaker? I smell free tuition for one lucky college student.

MLB 2K11 Offical Trailer

MLB 2K11 is almost here… The graphics are looking better than ever, and I am sure the game play is awesome. Stay tuned to Backseat Fan, because we will be giving away a copy in a few weeks!

Demar Derozan Inspirational Dunk

This is a video of Demar Derozan’s dunk during the 2011 NBA All Star Slam Dunk Competition in slow motion, with some nice dramatic music behind it. All you need is a voice over and you have a future ESPN 30 for 30. Oh and Demar Drozen has to be great. Have hope Raptor’s fans…(…)

Blake Griffin Dunk Camera

This off the glass alley-oop by Blake Griffin has a unique camera angle to it. It’s from Blake Griffin’s point of view.

Brian Wilson on MLB 2K11

Brian Wilson is a game player, a winner, and a beastly pitcher. He also has style with all of that game and it shows in the upcoming MLB 2K11. Just incase you were wondering, the beard is in the game. I know I am going to try to win my cool million with Brian Wilson.(…)

Teach Me How To Jimmer

Oh, Look we did a post today that doesn’t include Blake Griffin, it’s a miracle. This is Jimmer Fredette of BYU, he is another basketball beast that can throw down the three. His jump shot has style and all the NBA stars love him. BYU’s big game vs San Diego State is on Feb 26,(…)

Almost Every Blake Griffin Dunk This Year

It seems like everyone has Blake Griffin Fever these days, including us. So here is a compilation of almost every Blake Griffin dunk so far this year. I’m pretty sure that this is also every SportsCenter highlight this year. via Deadspin offers real money players a comprehensive overview of the state laws spread across all 50 states