Worst Pass in NBA History?

I am not sure if this pass by Jordan Crawford of the Washington Wizards is the worst in NBA history, but it is somewhere up there. The ball slipped out of Crawford’s hand and somehow flew behind him. Really terrible pass, I am not sure if he could do that twice. Seriously, how the hell(…)

410 lb Former Sumo Wrestler Completed LA Marathon

Kelly Gneiting, a former Sumo Wrestler, set out to be the heaviest person to finish a marathon, and he did it. Gneiting set a Guinness World Record for the “Heaviest Person to Complete a Marathon”. He completed the LA Marathon with a time of 9:48:52. Congrats to Kelly and his accomplishment.

Anthony Robles Wins NCAA Wrestling National Championship at 125 lbs

Anthony Robles of Arizona State won the NCAA wrestling National Championship at 125 lbs vs. Matt McDonough of Iowa. This is a really inspiring story, Anthony Robles was born with only one leg and has won a National Championship. Anthony started wrestling his freshman year in high school, with no prior wrestling experience. He has(…)

White Men Can Jump!

It turns out white men can jump, well at least Jacob Tucker can.  Tucker is a 5’11” tall senior from Illinois College with a 50 inch running vertical. He is trying to get in the NCAA dunk competition with this video.  Based on these dunks, I declare him the winner. You can vote for his spot in(…)

What Blake Griffin’s Over the Car Dunk Should Have Looked Like

I hate to keep comparing every great dunk to Blake Griffin’s over the car dunk.  But it’s hard not to since he set such a low standard at the NBA dunk contest finale.  Here is a dunk by Guy Dupuy during the Women’s Euroleague All Star Game 2011. This is what Blake Griffin’s dunk should of(…)

Blake Griffin is hyping up USC’s Jordan Cameron

Blake Griffin is promoting USC’s TE Jordan Cameron for the 2011 NFL Draft. I’m not that impressed with the promotion of Jordan Cameron but I am impressed with Griffin’s 1980’s Nike clothes. Although I guess it is good to know your future tight end can dunk and might break an ankle playing basketball during the(…)

Run Artest Runs Into Fan During Game

LA Lakers’ Ron Artest runs into a fan during a game while trying to get the ball. Not a big deal right? It happens almost every game where a player dives into a crowd. But this fan was attempting to sit or stand and had a drink in his hand. His coffee or soda just(…)

Top Spin 4 Legends Trailer

The Top Spin 4 release date is almost upon us! Check out the trailer, Top Spin 4 brings back some great tennis legends. And the Mullet! Top Spin 4 has an All-Star Cast of Modern and Legend Players, over 42 different courts to play on, and authentic tennis movements. Should be a great play on(…)

Blake Griffin One-handed Alley-oop

This is an amazing one handed alley-oop by Blake Griffin vs the Boston Celtics. And it is still a better dunk than the over the car dunk during the All Star Dunk Contest. Since I am on the subject… This is how easy the over the car dunk us… kind of… The more I watch(…)

LeBron James INSANE No Look Pass

LeBron James recovers a blocked shot, and throws a crazy no look pass to Erick Dampier. Not really sure how he saw him. Maybe he was watching a reflection somewhere, or a tv, because that was a crazy accurate no look pass. offers real money players a comprehensive overview of the state laws spread across all 50 states