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This Might Be the Best Touchdown Run Ever

Eleven year old Nate Shannon from Genoa, IL plows through an entire team for a touchdown on his first carry ever. Ever. Think about it, this kid has never taken a handoff in a game before, and he was able to accomplish this. He broke through ever tackle, from just about everyone on the other …

Jon Gruden QB Camp – Jake Locker

Here’s another guy, and it pains me to say this, I think is going to be a bust in the NFL. I want this kid to be  a good QB especially because it sounds like the Vikings really like him, but I don’t see how a career 54% completion percentage in college is going to …

Backflip Penalty Kick

I will be the first to admit that I know close to nothing about soccer. But I do know that this is amazing. In one motion he shoots the penalty kick, does a backflip, and makes the goal. Watch it, and then watch it again. Pretty impressive.

Tim Tebow Is Not An Actor

I know it is just a commercial, but even a 30 second spot with Jockey can’t hide Tebow’s terrible acting. Let’s just say Tim Tebow is no Peyton Manning of acting. Or football for that matter. Is the lockout over yet?

Jon Brockman Trick Shot Video

Jon Brockman of the Milwaukee Bucks made a trick shot video to show you how it’s done. He has some good shots in there, but the “That’s how it’s done” is pretty annoying. He probably should have dunked over a deer, would have been way better than a car dunk…