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Easy Northern Iowa Touchdown vs Wofford

Wofford and UNI are in the second round of the playoffs, so everyone is ready to play, right? Wrong. Wofford Returner, Stephon Shelton, forgot to take a knee after a 70 yard kick in the endzone. Shen has the ball knocked out of his hand while he walks towards the sidelines, and fumbles. Phil Wright …

NBA 2K12 Review

NBA just opened up for business, but that didn’t stop NBA 2k12 from making a great basketball game. They were hard at work for months and released the game WAY before the NBA season. GAMEPLAY Although I tend to pass the ball around and hustle a little more than a regular NBA game, the game …

Nick Novak Peeing on National Television

Nick Novak, the kicker for the San Diego Chargers, takes a quick piss on the sidelines on national television during the San Diego – Denver Broncos game. Needless to say, kicking the winning field goal scares the piss out of him. Knowing that Nate Kaeding will come back next year and take over the job again, this …

Matthew Stafford vs DJ Moore

At first glance during the live game it looked like Matthew Stafford was just attacked by DJ Moore for no reason. But the replay above clearly shows Matthew throwing DJ Moore down by his helmet. The new “Lion Mentality” is even in their Quarterback.

Greatest NBA Team of All Time?

Michael Jordan challenges you to find the greatest NBA team of all time. It is kind of hard to beat any of his teams, so have fun with this challenge. My Personal favorite is the ’98 Bulls, because there was a slight push off. Sorry Mike.