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Blake Griffin Grabs Trainers Head… For, you know…

Blake Griffin and his trainer have a real personal relationship. Maybe it’s one sided. Blake just wanted a little love… The best is the announcers are trying to comment on the ice going on his knee… and “OH no don’t do that!”

Giannis Antetokounmpo FOUR Dribbles Fastbreak Dunk

Giannis Antetokounmpo takes FOUR dribbles on this fastbreak rebound to dunk. FOUR! This guy is so tall it is ridiculous. It’s basically straight out of Space Jam.   The rest of the NBA should be worried about how good the Greek Freak will be.

PJ Hairston Flop

This is probably the worst flop I have ever seen in the NBA. PJ Hairston was fined $5000 for the incident. Maybe next time he should flail his arms a bit more.

Lebron Pushing Coach Blatt Out of the Way

LeBron James doesn’t need a coach, he has it handled. Just watch LeBron just push Coach Blat out of the way to avoid a technical. Nice Coaching LeBron.

Chris “Birdman” Anderson Body Checks Tyler Hansbrough

During game 5 of the Miami – Indiana playoff series Chris “Birdman” Anderson dody checks Tyler Hansbrough for no apparent reason. On top of that, he shoves Tyler Hansbrough after the check and looked like he wanted to fight him then and there. I am sure a few choice words were exchanged, but Hansbrough had(…)

Fan Catches Foul Ball While Holding Baby

Your browser does not support iframes. A Giants Fan during the Nationals-Giants game snags a foul ball while holding a baby. Barehanded. With a Baby in the other arm. Yeah that is pretty damn cool.

Lebron James Playoff Flop

                      This is a sorry excuse for a flop, terrible acting job. How about making some plays instead of flopping like a fish.

Alexis Normand Butchers the Star Spangled Banner

Alexis Normand butchered the (American) National Anthem during the 2013 Memorial Cup. But hey, at least the Canadian jazz singer said she was sorry through twitter. “I’m embarrassed and deeply sorry. I wish I’d had more time to learn the American anthem,” I’m sure she is a fine Jazz Singer, and next time she will(…)

John Clayton has a Ponytail. Kind of…

The Mythical John Clayton Ponytail, has anyone ever seen it? How long is it? How does he hide it so well. All these things are answered in the new “This is Sportcenter – John Clayton” ESPN commercial. OK, so he (probably) doesn’t really have a ponytail. But maybe he does, you never see a side(…)

Jerry Jones Rapping

Not really sure what to say about this. I totally see the cross branding, great idea. I can promote the Cowboys, and get paid for doing a Papa Johns Commercial. But a Papa John’s Rap? Really Jerry? Really?! Hopefully we can get a gem like this from SNL about Jerry Jone’s terrible rap.

Football Cops – Starring Eli and Peyton Manning

I don’t care if this is a year old, I just found this, and it is pretty amazing. NFL Football Cops would be an amazing mini commercial series, and I want them to bring it back. BRING FOOTBALL COPS BACK!

Bartolo Colon Suspended for Taking Testosterone

The Oakland A’s Starting pitcher Bartolo Colon has been suspended 50 games for violating MLB’s drug policy. Colon tested positive for testosterone and will miss the remaining 40 games of this season and any 10 postseason games if the A’s reach the postseason. Although Colon has had a decent season going 10-9 with a 3.43(…)

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