The Fantasy Football Betting Phenomenon

Gambling on fantasy football leagues has become something of a phenomenon across much of the world in the last few years, running alongside conventional football betting. At the moment, a lot of the internet bookmakers do not actually offer betting markets or odds information on fantasy football. Yet more places – from betting websites to newspapers like the Telegraph – are starting to feature fantasy football betting. It works a little differently to standard Premiership football betting though, which is part of the appeal for fans of both.

With fantasy football you select players from a particular league to build your fantasy team, and put bets on the performance levels of players in that team from week to week. The element of squad building lets fans taste what it is like to be a Premier League manager with money to sign the best players, while the weekly bets are a bit less risky than, say, outright bets on the winners of the league. Furthermore, because you select players yourself, it could be argued that you have a bit greater control over things from a gambling perspective, making fantasy football betting an attractive alternative – like online casino football slot games.

These games themed around football, like Soccer Safari, have proved a hit with football betting fans for similar reasons, and Soccer Safari is one of the quirkiest of all. The five reels of this game are full of madcap animals, like lions, elephants, meerkats and warthogs, all participating in an animal World Cup. It is a video slot, and the graphics are amongst the funniest you will encounter with any football slots game, while the $8000 jackpot is totally serious. You might not win that of course, but with both scatter and wild symbols on the reels, the odds on you taking away some sort of payout are certainly well above average. You can visit to play such games, even from your mobile phones, as long as you have broadband connection.


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