Celebrating 100 years of Fenway: Then & Now (1912-2012) [Infographic]

Celebrating 100 years of Fenway: Then & Now (1912-2012) [Infographic]

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  • "Contudo, me ocorreu uma coisa agora. Isso só funciona bem em altas velocidades. Pistas Tilkeanas não tem curvas de alta vedlcidaoe."Um ótimo argumento para abandoná-los, não?Eu sei, não fariam isso nem a pau… mas não custa sonhar…

  • Thanks for a lot of really great points and ideas. A lot of what you say is very true but also subjective. I think the subjective aspects of a library will be sorted out by the comments that people leave and I would hope over time that the rating system will smooth out the other data. Of course collecting all the data for each library will require a lot of work so I want to narrow it down to general information.

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