Worst High School Football Play Ever?

This has to be the worst high school football play ever. Not only does he lose 50 yards by running backwards, he just throws the ball up for grabs afterwards, like one of his teammates was ready for the lateral. Wait, if he is going the wrong way is it still a lateral, or is that considered a pass? I guess it had to be a lateral  since technically it did go backwards, but that would be forwards for him.    Either way, still a terrible decision.

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  • shouldnt the play have been blown dead bc his forward momentum stopped??? IDK

    also I think if he actually would have thrown the ball forward, instead of backwards it would be considered a pass

  • i agree with both things harlan said. had he thrown the ball forward it would have been an incomplete pass and a loss of zero.

    • He was running forward…just the wrong direction. Now the refs need to redefine FORWARD for the rule book.

      And why did he run after the guy who recovered the ball in the end zone?

      Anyway, he won’t be picking up any chicks with that move.

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