Dustin Johnson Bunker Shot – VIDEO

Dustin Johnson’s Bunker shot caused him to have a 2 stroke penalty. Watch the video and let us know if you think that is a bunker. Because it just looks like a pile of sand after someone hit out of a bunker. Complete bullshit.

“Walking up there, it never once crossed my mind that I was in a sand trap,” Johnson said afterward. “The only worse thing that could have happened was if I made that putt.”

Dustin Johnson tied for fifth place, maybe if grounds crew at The Whistling Straits took care of their course he could have gotten first place.

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  • guy is an idiot…how does he not realize he is in a bunker??? or at least ask an official??? oh its probably the same reason he tried to hit a shot lefty at the US open…its bc hes an idiot

  • also Nick Faldo and Faherty both said, they never would ground there club when outside the ropes, bc you never know…It looked like a bunker to me, bc right when he got up there I said “why are people standing in the bunker?”…i didnt pay attention to the grounding of the club when it was live, but i always thought he was in a bunker

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